Harold LloydHappy Thanksgiving from Balladeer’s Blog and my very special guest J.J. Abrams (left). Yes, I know that’s Harold Lloyd. I’m a Silent Movie geek, remember?

J.J. is thankful that there are still plenty of successful movie and television franchises left for him to tamper with and utterly destroy.

But hey, lens flares! Amirite? 

ThanksgivingYes, it’s Thanksgiving Day, another holiday when Democrats – who have absolutely no identity outside of their political opinions – encourage each other to make with their typical ankle-biting, childish political remarks that they mistakenly think are Really Deep Thoughts that other adults haven’t already had … and matured beyond.

But, being 100% sincere in this post, Balladeer’s Blog is thankful for …

*** The way that more and more voters from both parties are openly observing how neither the Democrat nor Republican office-holders respond to the wishes of their constituents. ANYTHING that drives people away from those two gangs of white collar criminals is a positive development. 

*** #WALKAWAY and #BLEXIT and similar movements show that more and more of the working class and poor of all colors as well as gay and female voters are realizing that the Democrats abandoned us long ago.  

*** More and more former Republicans are realizing that the repulsive George W Bush/ National Review faction of their party cares ONLY about maximizing profits … not their constituents and not the nation as a whole.

*** Neither Jeb Bush nor Hillary Clinton are president.

*** We have a de facto Third Party President in Donald Trump.

*** More localities are decriminalizing marijuana.

*** President Trump has helped countless working class families and brought back jobs that the useless little man Barack Obama said “ain’t comin’ back.”



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  1. Ruth

    I always knew Abrams reminded me of someone with his odd look and all this time it’s been Harold Loyd!

  2. Celia

    Very funny!

  3. Jeannie

    Perfect picture! He does look like Harold Lloyd!

  4. Mike Wellman

    This is why I always say that Balladeer’s Blog at is the greatest blog on the web.

  5. Robertino Tanos

    I usually love your stuff dude but this wasn’t funny.