MaseratiMASERATI: A HUNDRED YEARS AGAINST ALL ODDS (2019) – This fascinating documentary directed by Philip Selkirk is so riveting it flies along like one of the automobiles in the Maserati line.

If Ford vs Ferrari left you hungry for more drama from automobile and racing history – or even if it didn’t – Maserati: A Hundred Years Against All Odds is not to be missed. This documentary is a fuel-injected, high-testosterone version of a Ken Burns project only much tighter and more absorbing.  

Maserati was founded December 1st, 1914 in Bologna, Italy, making it actually 105 years against all odds, but the title’s use of “A Hundred Years” has more of a poetic feel to it. With film footage dating from the Silent Era up through the present day the movie fills the viewer with a grand sense of history.

Maserati 2While it’s virtually impossible to think of Maserati as an underdog Selkirk does an excellent job of capturing the drama of the various ups and downs the manufacturer experienced through two world wars, massive changes to the global economy and multiple changes in ownership.

Maserati: A Hundred Years Against All Odds is not a dull history lesson, however. There is plenty of human drama beginning with the founding Maserati Brothers, many of whom died at surprisingly young ages. More drama comes in the form of the personalities and corporate maneuvering of all the subsequent owners of the auto manufacturer.

Maserati 3Needless to say, assorted racing legends like Stirling Moss and John Surtees reminisce about the Maserati mystique and their own personal experiences with this corner of vehicular history. Collectors like Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason weigh in as well.  

If I was pitching this documentary I’d describe it as a project that combines the best features of Full Throttle, Wheels, Tucker: The Man And His Dream and assorted racing dramas like Days of Thunder, Winning and Gran Prix.

Whether you’re a hardcore gearhead or simply a fan of well-done cinema Maserati: A Hundred Years Against All Odds will entertain you and leave you with a new appreciation for the understated cultural role played by automobiles and the companies that manufacture them.

The documentary is available now on digital streaming platforms like Amazon, Fandango and Vimeo on Demand.  



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  2. Nobel

    Capitalist pigs.

  3. Bob

    I could never afford one of these.

  4. Merrin

    Maserati is the best and most classic!

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