terminator dark fateTerminator: Dark Fate is – as of this writing – on course to lose 120 million dollars due to its lackluster performance. (UPDATE: The projected loss has now been increased to 130 million dollars)

That lackluster performance is due to its many failings – chief among those the killing-off of John Connor in the first few minutes of the movie.

Reviewer Viv of Hey Viv fame passionately and brilliantly dismembered this pathetic excuse for filmmaking. Enjoy her review below and be sure to subscribe to her  HERE


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  1. Post Alley Crackpot

    Hollyweird makes ersatz movies now: they replace the movies you used to watch, but there’s something very weird and very predictable about them …

    I don’t think Hollyweird could even rip stuff off all that well now because they’re too tempted to “improve” upon the original, making the result nearly completely ersatz.

    They’d turn “Crime and Punishment” into a story where the female protagonist Anna Raskolnikov is a hero with a drunken bum sidekick Mikhail Marmeladov who would be tasked with as much of the anti-male humour schtick that the writers and producers believe they can get away with this time.

    Yeah, give it to Mikey or Mikhail, he eats everything: you can even sense some of the humour it’d get because Hollyweird would think that their jokes actually can cross national boundaries.

    Meanwhile in Saint Petersburg, a scientist notices that enough electrical power can be generated from Dostoevsky’s corpse spinning in its grave that it can power two entire city districts by itself. 🙂

    Stories that are well-liked need to have a less “dark fate” than this “retconjob” of story line revisionism — they’d have done better if they’d have given up before the previous attempt, but there’s always some Hollyweird equivalent of the over-ambitious A&R guy who’s still selling some “sound and colour” well past the expiry date …

    What bothers me about this mechanical turk of a turkey losing money is that this also affects the number of half-way reasonably well-done movies that they could have made with the money.

    I’m trying to think of the last time I went to a theatre and saw something I thought was genuinely well-done that involved actors you’d see in Hollyweird.

    Maybe JG Ballard’s “High Rise” when I watched it at the BFI in 2015.

    But then again, I’d lived through Thatcher, so it also felt like a twisted trip down Bad Memory Lane (E20) …

    • I know how you feel. The mind-numbing lack of imagination is just the tip of the iceberg. I’d rather see movies adapted from any of the old horror and sci-fi stories I review here than just keep seeing the same franchises recycled over and over again.

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