Tom Hanks with Hitler stacheTOM HANKS – I was reminded of Hanks’ line “stupid is as stupid does” when Democrats stated that their beloved royalty aka illegal immigrants should even enjoy exemptions from gun-control laws. For one thing if an illegal immigrant – even one previously deported and/or with previous offenses – tries to illegally buy a gun the Democrats feel that “Illegal Alien Privilege” should apply and the delicate little darling should not be held. After all, being held increases the possibility that the illegal might get caught by or turned over to ICE. CLICK HERE and below.

Robert de niroROBERT DE NIRO – De Niro’s performance in Raging Bull at times made me think about brain-damaged people. His “old man yells at cloud” behavior in recent years ALWAYS makes me think about brain-damaged people. Someone who is definitely NOT brain-damaged is Allum Bokhari, a journalist and technology correspondent who examined the abuses inflicted by the Techno-Fascists of Silicon Valley HERE

Samuel L JacksonSAMUEL L JACKSON – Jackson’s real-life portrayal of a racist hatemonger towers over any other performances he’s ever given. Samuel and the other privileged one percenters above STILL refuse to give away all but 2 million dollars of their unneeded fortunes to the poor. Selfish prick Jackson’s behavior reminded me of THIS article about how the public money spent on roadside noise-barriers for rich suburbanites could more than pay for a border wall. CLICK HERE

Jussie Smollett fake news hatJUSSIE SMOLLETT or someone claiming to be him told some unidentified people who claimed to not be reporters for Balladeer’s Blog that he (or they) had won an Oscar once so, using FBI scumbag Andrew McCabe’s “It’s possible” line of thinking I threw in this picture of Jussie “Bigfoot and Mothman attacked him” Smollett. For this item here’s yet ANOTHER of those lists of HATE HOAXES. Only nineteen on this list compared to the dozens upon dozens in the others I’ve run, but CLICK HERE 


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  1. Donna

    Robert de Niro really is Robert the Zero!

  2. Edith

    President Trump cares more about the working class than these snobbish actors do.

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