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goldraidersGOLDRAIDERS (1982) – A plane carrying two hundred million dollars in gold (in 1980s money) gets shot down over Thailand and lands in the jungle. A blandly-dubbed Robert Ginty plays Mark Banner, part of a hastily-assembled team sent in to recover the gold. Sarah Langenfeld is our hero’s leading lady this time around. 

Naturally other parties are after the bullion bonanza, too, like drug dealers, a man who needs gold to make a gold dress to win his intended bride (?) and a corrupt communist General. The commie with decidedly capitalist leanings is one of the most memorable villains in B-Movie history!

Not only does he use a whip like Indiana Jones, viciously abuse women and shoot his own men at the drop of a hat but he sports a wooden leg just for good measure. The pig takes off the wooden leg when having his way with his female victims and after one such ugly incident a dog runs off with the wooden leg before our villain can reattach it! That scene definitely stays with you.

In addition to fighting off international thugs for the shipment of gold, Ginty and company also clash with oversized, obviously fake vampire bats in some unintentionally hilarious moments. On top of that, characters seem to be getting dubbed by different people at different parts of the movie, which will keep you laughing.   

The Gintiest scene of them all finds our hero riding a souped-up motorcycle which shoots missiles like his bike in WOTLW, but instead of a talking computer named Einstein THIS motorcycle has wings which let it para-sail its way around.

To summarize: Ginty gets to shoot from on high like in Black Sheep Squadron, has a hot blonde co-star and fights international criminals like in White Fire, rides a gimmick-laden motorcycle like in Warrior of the Lost World, and the overseas distributors tried marketing this flick as if it was a sequel to The Exterminator!

Talk about your one-stop Robert Ginty film fix! But I did miss his usual mumbly voice. 

All this plus an unintentionally funny scene where a newly converted Communist argues with his old girlfriend (part of Ginty’s team) regarding his new “revolutionary” name and the name she knew him under. “You’re prinkan praugga proo!” “No, I’m pranga pupu panang!” and so on.

Langenfeld was Carole Lombard to Ginty’s Clark Gable once again in The Act aka Bless ‘Em All (1983).


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12 responses to “GOLDRAIDERS (1982): BAD MOVIE REVIEW

  1. Oh cool! A Robert Ginty sighting! Recently watched Scarab, Maniac Killer and Warrior of the Lost World. Yeah, I’ve been on a tear through some bad flicks. Also, been watching some of Burt Reynolds bad ones of the 90s like Raven and Big City Blues. Anyway, keep your stick on the ice!

  2. Alana

    I like your sense of humor with these bad movie reviews!

  3. Lafferty

    You are the King of reviews like this! Ginty was one of a kind!

  4. Malia

    So many strange things in this movie!

  5. Dewey

    I agree that it’s not the same without Ginty’s real voice.

  6. Bessie

    Great review! I would never watch a movie like this but I have fun when you review them!

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