RewaBalladeer’s Blog’s recent look at The Gods of Fiji has been a hit! For another deity from Fiji here is Kambuya, whom I also went ahead and added to the main article. For more than 20 other gods from Fiji see my blog post HERE 

KAMBUYA – A god who can send fair weather or rain showers to the world. The center of Kambuya’s worship was Rewa (see photo). It was forbidden to touch a large rock which was sacred to this deity. Anyone foolish enough to touch it would be punished by Kambuya by contracting leprosy.

The god had a mild tricksterish side, too, and would sometimes put obstacles in the way of hungry people headed for a feast. Anyone who arrived late for the event was laughed at as a victim of Kambuya’s practical jokes and would be served last.  

The charmed rock that was sacred to the deity was first bestowed upon the family of a fisherman in Tavuya. Over the course of several days the rock would be found in different locations of their home no matter where they left it.

Realizing the special nature of the stone the family paid worship to it. Kambuya spoke through it, telling the family to let their entire village know that if they paid him proper worship he would grant fair weather for their hunting or their military expeditions. The villagers did so and were rewarded as promised. 

Kambuya’s rock gained such renown that the Chief of Rewa sent his men to move the stone from Tavuya to a spot near his own home. Annoyed at such presumption, Kambuya made the rock so heavy that the Chief wound up having to send a literal army of men just to move that one lone object. It wound up taking four entire days for the army to transport the rock the mere three miles to its new location.

To show his disapproval over the stone being moved against his wishes, Kambuya compensated Tavuya for the loss of the sacred rock by instead making the village plentiful in dawa (plum) trees, while preventing any such trees from ever growing in Rewa. +++

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