mascot new look donkey and elephant headsThis first item would normally go with one of my Faculty Lounge Fascist Roundups but since I just did one so recently I’ll include it here instead and also post the link there.

This item is further verification of the ugly way Democrats discriminate against anyone outside their political party and it plays a large part in the biased and viciously partisan approach used in colleges and universities. The bias and exclusionary hiring is so bad that at Cornell alone ELEVEN ENTIRE DEPARTMENTS have ZERO Republicans. That doesn’t happen by accident. Click HERE

And this second item is another piece from Quillette about the growing intolerance, mindless conformity and fascism of the American Left. Click HERE


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2 responses to “TWO FOR TUESDAY

  1. Des

    I thoroughly enjoyed “The Psychology of Progressive Hostility”. I wouldn’t call myself a conservative either, but I’ve been tired of the psychotic hatred and “groupthink” from the regressive left for a long time. I gained a bit more insight as to why people go down that road. Great article!

    • I know exactly how you feel. Most of my positions would still be labeled left-wing by most people but the intolerance and hatred of free speech that has come to characterize the left began disgusting me years ago.

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