SCROOGE (1935)

Balladeer’s Blog’s Eighth Annual Christmas Carol-A-Thon continues!

Scrooge 1935SCROOGE (1935) – This is the notoriously cheapjack and rushed version of A Christmas Carol.

It is almost unwatchable if you’re not a lover of bad movies like I am. And we are talking lame, lame LAME! 

The overall lameness and lack of effort is best represented in the scene with Marley’s Ghost. The ghost is “invisible” so Scrooge simply converses with an empty chair while Marley’s dialogue is heard in voice-over.

Seymour Hicks also played Scrooge in the 1913 silent movie version previously reviewed here at Balladeer’s Blog. In that version Hicks played Scrooge like a demented homeless person with wild eyes, sloppy clothes and unkempt hair.

Seymour’s depiction of Scrooge as a humanoid ferret in the 1935 film is better … but just barely. Everything else about the movie is so awful you’d think it was one of those painful to sit through talkies from 1929 or 1930. 


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8 responses to “SCROOGE (1935)

  1. Garrett Kieran

    I think that’s a bit harsh. To me, this is one of many movies that’s better the second time around. I wasn’t too impressed with it when I first saw it, but it grew on me later on. It’s true one wishes they had done a better job with Marley (and most of the other ghosts for that matter) and Scrooge could have been better developed and they should have stressed more of the book’s social commentary and criticism, but I think there’s a lot to recommend it. Most of the acting was good enough, and technically it really illustrated the time the story was set. There were some particularly good scenes too. I liked new ways of depicting Scrooge’s breakup with Belle and the bit with Old Joe receiving his old belongings. That’s just my take, anyway.

  2. I like your review method. Very entertatining.

  3. Sounds like a dull movie.

  4. This thing really is lame. Barbara Allen is the only good part.

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