MAY 2017’s BEST

Balladeer’s Blog’s Best of 2017 resumes with this look at May.

mapNUMBER ONE – Hillary Clinton and her deluded supporters kept manufacturing excuses about her humiliating LOSS to President Donald Trump. (Red counties on map- TRUMP, blue ones – Hillary) The funniest ones involve the way Hillary and her supporters had no clue about how the Electoral College works. No, Hillary-drones, winning California and New York by large margins does NOT make you president – those numbers are meaningless statistics.

This article examining how PRESIDENT TRUMP EVEN DEFEATED HILLARY CLINTON AT IRRELEVANT STATS looked at how Trump crushed Hillary in terms of counties won, states won and geographical area won, but those, too, would have been as meaningless as Hillary’s popular vote in California and New York (LMAO) if he had not won the Electoral College. CLICK HERE  

The Comic bigNUMBER TWO – Balladeer’s Blog’s reviews of bad movies – the more obscure the better – always attract a lot of attention.

In May I reviewed THE COMIC (1985) a bizarre sci-fi/ horror/ post-apocalypse/ art film which boggles the mind with its weirdness. How much of that weirdness was deliberate and how much was caused by ineptitude on the part of the filmmakers? Well, you can decide for yourself. CLICK HERE 

Dr Frank N Furter

NUMBER THREE – My examinations of Ancient Greek Comedies often strike a chord with readers, especially the ones with lots of sex or political jokes in them.

BAPTAE (415-413 B.C.) had a lot going on, including the memorable anecdote about Eupolis – the comedy’s author – running afoul of Alcibiades aboard ship. CLICK HERE

Trump doing rightNUMBER FOUR – Balladeer’s Blog often hypes the need for Third Parties in the U.S. to start whittling down the power of those two rival gangs of white collar criminals called Democrats (DemCorp) and Republicans (RepubCorp).

Donald Trump is a de facto Third Party President. That’s because – unlike garbage like Barack Obama and George W Bush – President Trump is NOT a career politician. American career politicians are among the lowest life-forms on the planet. For confirmation of how well the Donald rocks the crooked boat of American politics see PRESIDENT TRUMP: INFURIATING ALL THE RIGHT PEOPLE by CLICKING HERE 

Star by C I Defontenay betterNUMBER FIVE – Ancient Science Fiction reviews have become a staple here at Balladeer’s Blog.

In May the most popular review of an ancient or vintage science fiction story was STAR: PSI CASSIOPEIA (1854) a “Tolkien in Space” style look at multiple planets in a Trinary Star System. CLICK HERE 

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