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Here at Balladeer’s Blog I make no secret about the contempt I feel toward both of America’s major political parties. I also make no secret about the fact that I feel labels like “Liberal” and “Conservative” are becoming meaningless. 

Many of you readers have asked me why I’ve recently begun using the word “Democrat” in contexts where I used to use the words “American Liberal.” I started using Democrat instead because plenty of readers had made the point that many, many disillusioned American Liberals have – like myself and so many others – become disgusted and left the Democratic Party.

I’ve even linked to countless articles over the years by people who came to feel the same way about how the Left has become a collection of cowardly hypocrites, pompous snobs and hilariously pretentious asses – especially the increasingly irrational Left-Wing Archie Bunkers who pretend to be “educators” (LMAO) but are really just Voter Recruiters for the Democrats.  

Anyway, I felt that those readers were right and so I switched to using “Democrats” instead of “American Liberals.” Feel free to weigh in if you feel I should switch back to using the word “Liberals” instead of “Democrats”. I’m always interested in the opinions of readers here.



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