+++ The concept of White Privilege is a mere social construct.  

+++ Filing a complaint about everyone who says something you disagree with is NOT “activism.”

+++ Critical race theory is nothing more than bigotry with a self-created halo.

+++ People who think they’re fit to tell you what words you are allowed to use are trying to force their own narrow-minded “morality” on you. 

+++ The party of the Democrats has become nothing more than an organization dedicated to circumventing democracy in order to force everyone to obey their dictates. 

+++ There is no such thing as “Hate Speech.”

+++ The Democrats are irrational for teaching children age 6 or younger that they can decide for themselves if they want to be the opposite sex. They wouldn’t let children that age decide they are capable of driving, so clearly there ARE physical and developmental absolutes.  

+++ Colleges and universities have no business holding their kangaroo courts/ Star Chamber proceedings when a student is accused of a crime. That’s what courts of law are for and the accused is entitled to council.

+++ Women, African Americans and gay people do NOT have to obey the Democrats in order to be “authentic.”

+++ All lives matter. And it is not (yaaawwn) “racist” to say so. 

+++ Preserving civil liberties from the social media and tech industry will be the great Civil Rights struggle of the 21st Century.

+++ Curriculum transformation is required to stop the educational system’s misuse by fanatically partisan Democrats.

+++ The ability to get another person’s opinion censored does not mean you are in the right. 

+++ The real difference today is no longer Liberals vs Conservatives, which labels have become meaningless. In 2017 the difference is between Populists vs Feudalists.

+++ Democrats are fine with anti-Semitism as long as it masquerades as disapproval of Israel.



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10 responses to “TRANSGRESS WITH ME

  1. Now this is really transgressing against the powers of conformity

  2. These transgressive thoughts are exciting and challenging. You always surprise me with things like this.

  3. Chuck

    I will follow these kinds of intriguing thoughts anywhere!

  4. Mary

    You remind me of that Orwell quote about how in times of universal falsehoods telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

  5. Veronica

    These kinds of thoughts will get the timid in trouble these days!

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