Vietnam mapCANTO ONE – The jungle and mountain god Tan Vien was accompanying the semi-divine Emperor Hung Vuong XVIII on a Royal Hunt. A turn of fate puts them in a position to save the imperiled son of Long Vuong, the chief sea god. CLICK HERE

CANTO TWO – Tan Vien and Thuy Tinh, the god of the monsoon rains, both fall in love with Mi Nuong, the daughter of Emperor Hung Vuong XVIII. Against the backdrop of their growing rivalry, Thuy Tinh’s father Long Vuong honors Tan Vien for saving his son. CLICK HERE 

CANTO THREE – Tan Vien, Thuy Tinh and the patriarch of the Thuc family are among the suitors competing in various contests for the hand of Mi Nuong. CLICK HERE 

CANTO FOUR – As the final two remaining suitors, Tan Vien and Thuy Tinh are pitted against each other in a contest of power and in a quest for obscure relics. CLICK HERE 

CANTO FIVE – A victor is decided in the contest for Mi Nuong’s hand, setting the stage for a war between Tan Vien and Thuy Tinh. CLICK HERE 

CANTO SIX – Tan Vien and his army of jungle animals and mythic beasts face Thuy Tinh’s monsoon rains plus his army of sea animals and mythic sea beasts. CLICK HERE 

CANTO SEVEN – The world-altering conclusion of the story about Tan Vien’s war with Thuy Tinh. CLICK HERE

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