Back to Balladeer’s Blog’s chapter guide to my examination of Isidore Ducasse’s 1868 work of surreal horror The Songs of Maldoror.


Maldoror 4 1 denderaFourth Canto, Stanza 1: PRELUDE TO A PRIVATE ARMAGEDDON – At Dendera in Egypt Maldoror recalls his past visits to the city and foresees a future day when he will battle all of the Earth’s armies in that same location. CLICK HERE 

Fourth Canto, Stanza 2: THE MARRIAGE OF PROVERBS AND METAPHORS – Maldoror becomes lost in the Valley of Unreality where literal reality and metaphorical reality overlap. All that plus esoteric reflections on ancient meditation practices intended to unleash one’s astral body. CLICK HERE 

Fourth Canto, Stanza 3: THE TORMENTED MAN – While watching a man getting tortured by his own wife and mother Maldoror reflects on various atrocities of his own. CLICK HERE

Fourth Canto, Stanza 4: FOUR CENTURIES ON A SHAPELESS THRONE – If you’d love to see Maldoror suffering the way so many of his victims do then this segment is for you! A sword shoved down his spine has rendered our vile protagonist immobile and helpless before surreal torments that God inflicts on him. CLICK HERE

Fourth Canto, Stanza 5: PROJECTION OF A SHRIVELED SILHOUETTE – A disoriented Maldoror finds himself in a town littered with the corpses of every single resident. He realizes he is alone there with the creature responsible for the slaughter. CLICK HERE 

Fourth Canto, Stanza 6: WALLOWING IN A MIRE MOST FOUL – As the latest round in their ongoing war, God transforms Maldoror into a wild boar. CLICK HERE

Fourth Canto, Stanza 7: THE AMPHIBIOUS MAN – Maldoror encounters another supernatural being whose life has been full of unbearable agony and exquisite despair. CLICK HERE

Fourth Canto, Stanza 8: SPREADING MY WINGS INTO MY TORTURED MEMORY – Maldoror reminisces about the very first time he took a human life. CLICK HERE 


FOR MY REVIEW OF an 1812 Gothic Horror story featuring a Mandragore, an undead servitor called a Barenhauter and a She-Golem Click  HERE


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