Edison's Conquest of Mars 2

Too late Edison learned the awful price to be paid for repeatedly asking if his bikini made him look fat.

From 1898 it’s Garrett P Serviss’ work of science fiction.

PART ONE – After the Martian invaders from H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds and Serviss’ own Fighters From Mars died from exposure to Earth germs, astronomers around the world realized the ordeal wasn’t over yet. All indications were that the Martians were readying another fleet of spaceships to attack the Earth. CLICK HERE   

PART TWO – Thomas Alva Edison reverse-engineered the Martian space craft. The nations of the Earth then banded together to build an entire fleet of similar vessels and take the war to the Red Planet. President McKinley, Queen Victoria, Kaiser Wilhelm and other heads of state from around the world attend the global summit. CLICK HERE   

PART THREE – After a monumental effort the Earth has a space-fleet of its own, equipped with Edison’s Disintegrator Rays as weaponry. With Edison commanding the flagship and with military men and scientific geniuses from around the world as an officer corps the Earth Fleet departs the Earth. CLICK HERE   

PART FOUR – The Terran spaceships conduct training maneuvers around Earth’s moon and bury the men lost to a meteor collision on the lunar surface. Further exploration reveals the remains of a long-dead civilization of moon people. CLICK HERE   

PART FIVE – An encounter with a comet which radiates strange cosmic energies threatens to destroy the entire fleet, but Edison and his fellow scientists devise a solution to save the day. CLICK HERE   

PART SIX – Ships of the Earth fleet do battle with Martian vessels on and around a huge asteroid that the Martians are mining for gold. CLICK HERE 

PART SEVEN – When additional Martian spaceships attack the Earth fleet at the asteroid camp the Terrans win their second battle in a row against the Red Planet’s forces. CLICK HERE 

PART EIGHT – While doing covert recon work from orbit around Mars, the Earth fleet is discovered by the Martians, who attack and follow that attack up with a super-scientific defensive shield which encircles the Red Planet. CLICK HERE   

PART NINE – When a Martian toxic gas weapon destroys most of the Terran fleet’s food and water supply Edison leads the Earth forces in a desperate attack on the Martian capitol around the Lake of the Sun. CLICK HERE   

PART TEN – The Earth fleet retreats after their brutal loss at the Lake of the Sun. The officers strategize with Edison, who okays the plan put forward by American Army Colonel Alonzo Jefferson Smith: While most of the fleet engages in a diversionary attack to distract the Martians a detachment of 20 ships led by Colonel Smith mounts a separate raid for supplies. CLICK HERE   

PART ELEVEN – Resupplied, the Terran forces withdraw to the far side of Mars’ moon Deimos. The fleet remains hidden there to make the Martians think they fled for Earth, meanwhile the freed Earth woman Aina tells Edison and the others the link between Mars and ancient Egypt. CLICK HERE   

PART TWELVE – Aided by Aina’s knowledge of the Martians’ ways the Earth fleet launches a do-or-die raid to sabotage the planet-wide Canal System. While battles rage across the Red Planet the Terrans also learn of another alien race who are enemies of the Martians. CLICK HERE  

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10 responses to “EDISON’S CONQUEST OF MARS

  1. J'Onn J'Onzz

    Over my dead body he’ll conquer Mars.

  2. Smart-Eye

    What a strange thing to do having reallife people in your novel while their still alive.

  3. Cameron

    This guy ripped off more stuff than Alan Moore!

  4. Walter

    This author took Wells’ story in a weird direction.

  5. Earl

    I thought this was a joke at first but it’s real!

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