Edison's Conquest of Mars 4Balladeer’s Blog continues its examination of Garrett P Serviss’ odd sequel to Fighters From Mars, his blatant imitation of War of the Worlds.


Garrett Serviss (our narrator), Thomas Edison and Earth’s space fleet of 100 ships descended to the moon. The plan was to effect repairs to the ship damaged by its collision with a meteor and bury the men killed in the accident.  

The fleet landed at Cape Heraclides because the expedition discovered the ruins of an ancient watchtower there. The size of each stone in the ruins was equal to an entire house back on Earth. The long-dead race on the moon were apparently gigantic. In a solemn ceremony the dead astronauts were buried in the lunar soil with that enormous monument also marking their resting place. 

Edison stated it would take approximately three days to complete the repairs to the spaceship that had been struck and to the few ships that had been grazed by the meteor. It was therefore decided to spend those three days dispatching various expeditions to explore other parts of the moon. 

Photographers, artists and scientists would have the opportunity to examine areas of the moon before the fleet continued on to attack Mars. Serviss himself was on the ship with the famous scientist Moissan, and they explored the region called Aristarchus. 

In Aristarchus they discovered mountains of diamonds and crystals while the other expeditions discovered an enormous footprint five feet long, a giant fossilized skull of a dead inhabitant of the moon and the immense ruins of an entire lunar city. 

When the repairs were over the fleet took off, marking the burial spot so the men could be disinterred at a future date, then reburied back on Earth. Now it was on to the Red Planet to bring the war to the Martians’ own back yard.


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  1. Awesome stuff they found on the moon!

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