jorg-buttgereitBalladeer’s Blog’s month-long celebration of Halloween continues with this look at some of the films from one of the most envelope-pushing horror directors of all time: Germany’s “auteur of the transgressive,” Jorg Buttgereit.  



Buttgereit’s noteworthy movies include:

nekromantikNekromantik (1987) – This film’s protagonist works for a service that disposes of the dead, mangled bodies that result from accidents on the high-speed Autobahn. He’s obsessed with death in all forms as is his girlfriend. The lead character takes body parts and eventually whole corpses home with him to spice up his sex life with his partner.

The woman becomes addicted to threesomes with a particularly attractive male corpse which the couple have pierced with a metal rod to serve as a makeshift penis for her to mount. Yes, they use a condom on the metal rod if you were wondering. Soon the young lady prefers the corpse to her living partner, setting even more horrors in motion.   

der-todeskingDer Todesking (“The Death King“) (1989) – An anthology featuring seven episodes of death by murder of various kinds and even by suicide.

The seven segments, each set on a different day of the week, are punctuated by shots of a neglected corpse in various stages of decay. Buttgereit’s most experimental film, this is a non-stop melding of the arthouse and abbatoir sensibilities.

nekromantik-2Nekromantik 2 (1991) – Buttgereit’s sequel to his best-known film was the subject of a landmark decision by the German Supreme Court which banned the movie and ruled that all copies and the negative be destroyed. Naturally this just enhanced the film’s reputation and made it an international sensation.

The lead character this time is Monika, a woman who has turned to necrophilia because other sex acts have failed to stimulate her to orgasm. She takes to dismembering dead partners and then mixing and matching body parts from other men she kills in order to construct the perfect dead lover.

schrammSchramm (1993) – The central character of Schramm is a serial killer known as The Lipstick Killer. He kills victims, poses them for various, often suggestive, photos and moons over his neighbor, a prostitute.

Get ready for amputations, nightmarish hallucinations, dentists who extract eyes instead of teeth and our protagonist’s fondness for self-mutilation, which includes nailing his penis to a piece of wood.  


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