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Milo: Combining the best qualities of Oscar Wilde, Hunter S Thompson and James Bond

Yiannopoulos … Milo Yiannopoulos. The James Bond of irreverence recently caused the emotional cripples called Democrats to clutch their pearls when he made the obvious point covered in the title of this post.

The swashbuckling Milo has been THE perfect antidote to whiny Political Correctness and to American Liberals’ fascistic obsession with censoring anything they don’t agree with. His “Dangerous Faggot” speaking tour of American colleges (which are often called “islands of intolerance in a sea of freedom”) has exposed the iron-fisted approach that Left-Wing Archie Bunkers in the “academic” (LMFAO) world use to eliminate dissent.

Milo Yiannopoulis

My favorite quip by Milo – “Don’t try calling me a racist. I’ve sucked more black cock than you ever will.”

Or thought crimes, or blasphemy against Liberal Fundamentalists, whatever term you prefer. Milo has formed a movement of gay people for Trump since Trump’s the only candidate ballsy enough to speak truth to power by saying the words “Muslim” and “Radical Islam.” 

As I’ve mentioned in the past there are people dear to me who are female and there are people dear to me who are gay and I’ve seen how they will be oppressed in a world which is too cowardly to challenge Muslim intolerance. And no, people, a temporary ban on Muslim immigration until the vetting process can catch up with the mammoth numbers pouring into the country is NOT “hatred” or “Islamophobia.”

With typical hypocrisy Obama had temporarily halted immigration from Iran at one point not so long ago. The Democrats and our corporate media conveniently forget that, though.  

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