Fife and drum picThe Fourth of July is rapidly approaching! Some people get puzzled about the actual Thirteen Original Colonies of America. They know for instance that Daniel Morgan’s Kentucky Rifles were one of the most storied units of the war and saw action from Canada to the American South. Yet, Kentucky is not listed as one of the original colonies.

Similarly they know that Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys were a Vermont unit and that Chillicothe in Ohio was the site of the REAL last battle of the war, yet neither Vermont nor Ohio were original colonies, either. The reason for all that is this:

Kentucky at that time was considered a Department of Virginia, Ohio was considered a Department of Pennsylvania and Maine was considered a Department of Massachusetts. As for Vermont, it was considered to be part of the Hampshire Grants that were being fought over by New York and New Hampshire.

The people of Vermont, meanwhile, considered themselves to be their own separate geopolitical entity and wanted to be independent. Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys had formed as a guerrilla unit on the side of independence for Vermont. Thus they were already an organized force under arms and that gave them the early advantage in seizing Fort Ticonderoga from the British.  


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