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Ainu mapMOSHIRI – Also called Moshiri-Kara. This Ainu deity falls under the global mythological category called Divine Geographers like Inugpasug from the Inuit pantheon, Khong Lo from the Vietnamese pantheon, Halmang from the Korean pantheon and Rapeto from the Merina pantheon in Madagascar.

Moshiri was dispatched to the Earth by Kando-Koro, the sky god and supreme ruler of Kamuikando, the heavenly home of the gods. Kando-Koro sent Moshiri down to form the amorphous mass of the Earth into separate continents, then form mountains, rivers, lakes and islands. Moshiri’s crowning and most important work of geographical structuring was the lands to be inhabited by the Ainu people. (Again we see that this type of ethnic chauvinism is a universal human foible)

Moshiri was a gigantic figure, like his fellow Divine Geographers and his tools were likewise enormous. The final landmark that Moshiri created in the islands to be inhabited by the Ainu was Mount Optateshke. When he was completed with that majestic mountain Kando-Koro and other Ainu deities came down to admire his handiwork. Kando-Koro declared Moshiri’s work to be completed and so Moshiri flew back to Kamuikando with the other gods and goddesses.  

The deity had forgotten his mattock on top of Mount Optateshke, and as the wooden handle of the mattock rotted the world’s first forest of elm trees grew from it.


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10 responses to “MOSHIRI – AINU GOD

  1. Nice look at this! Never heard of the Ainu.

  2. Emmett

    WONDERFUL to learn more about Ainu beliefs!

  3. Sheila

    Moshiri is so intriguing!

  4. Goddess Noe

    I’m the only one people should worship.

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