Obam in cuba cartoon

Obama spinelessly let him get away with this pretence. The next day Amnesty International and other groups provided PLENTY of names of political prisoners in Cuba.

Balladeer’s Blog remains the only site on the web that equally criticizes both American Liberals and Conservatives. Some readers from overseas asked me why American Liberals adore Cuba and the Castro Brothers but constantly trash their own country for comparatively smaller offenses. I’m happy to explain:

American Liberals think that any oppressive dictatorship that is on bad terms with the United States MUST be wonderful but oppressive dictatorships that are on GOOD terms with the United States MUST be viewed as proof that we are complicit in injustices around the globe and should be hated for it. Trust me, after the bloated rich pig Castro Brothers are gone, if Cuba actually becomes closely alligned with America in the future the left will talk about nothing BUT all the political prisoners and oppression in that country.

This is just one small part of the childishly simplistic worldview of American Liberals. Any nation as large as the United States will inevitably wind up with countries that approve of its actions and countries that disapprove of its actions. Liberals think it’s automatically “deep and intellectual” to side ONLY with those nations that disapprove of America’s actions.

The rest of us, who are neither Liberals nor Conservatives (you can call us adults) evaluate each individual situation for ourselves, sometimes agreeing with America’s detractors, sometimes agreeing with America’s supporters. Obama is a typical American Liberal ass so naturally he swoons at the mere thought of Cuba and the murderous Papa Fidel and family.





  1. I don’t like the Castros, but hey. They are old, old men and will die soon. Cuba’s a great source of good music and baseball players, and a new market for our goods and services. The embargo failed, and there’s no more USSR. Time to close Gitmo and make some money.

    • Oh, I have no problem with ending the embargo or normalizing relations with Cuba. I was calling for that long ago. (Remember I’m a veteran Reagan basher so I never got into hating Cuba or any other country based on Cold war thinking.)

      I was purely focusing on the tiresome American Left habit of instant praise for hostile dictatorships but judging the U.S. to be complicit in the crimes of dictatorships that are non-hostile.

      The questions were about why American Liberals swoon over Cuba (or Venezuela when Hugo C was alive.

      As for making money – I have a feeling the U.S. will masochistically lose billions like on the recent Iraq deal.

  2. I love when you do these liberal fetish explained stuff!

  3. Beth

    I agree with you about this. The left is trapped in the 1960s. It is long past time to move on.

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