Lincoln Memorial University RailsplittersFINAL FOUR – FIRST BERTH – The LINCOLN MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY RAILSPLITTERS are the only 1 seeds left, and yesterday they battled the 8th seeded BARRY UNIVERSITY BUCCANEERS. The Railsplitters had their hands full with the Buccaneers in the 1st Half, but squeezed out a 42-38 lead by Halftime. After the break Lincoln Memorial University slowly but surely put more and more distance between themselves and Barry University. The Railsplitters won it 93-75 led by Emmanuel Terry’s Double-Double of 20 points and 10 rebounds.

West Liberty Hilltoppers logoFINAL FOUR – SECOND BERTH – In this game the 4th seeded WEST LIBERTY STATE HILLTOPPERS took the court against the 5 seeds – the STONEHILL COLLEGE SKYHAWKS. The score stood at 32-30 in favor of the Hilltoppers at the midpoint. The 2nd Half saw just as tight a game but West Liberty State held on by their fingertips for a 75-74 escape. Seger Bonifant notched a Double-Double of 22 points and 11 rebounds for the Hilltoppers.

Augustana (SD) VikingsFINAL FOUR – THIRD BERTH – The 2nd seeded AUGUSTANA (SD) VIKINGS got a big scare from their opponents, the 7th seeded TARLETON STATE TEXANS. The Vikings faced a 37-29 deficit to the Texans by the break, but regrouped for a 2nd Half comeback. Augustana outscored Tarleton State 57-42 from there for an 86-79 triumph. Alex Richter of the Vikings shook the stadium with his THIRTY-TWO points.  

Western Oregon Wolves logoFINAL FOUR – LAST BERTH – This game pitted the 3 seeds – the WESTERN OREGON UNIVERSITY WOLVES – against the 6th seeded SAGINAW VALLEY STATE CARDINALS. The Wolves methodically put together a 36-29 advantage over the Cardinals by Halftime. From there Western Oregon University added 6 more points to that lead over the course of the 2nd Half for an 81-68 victory. Andy Avgi was the top scorer for Western Oregon with 20 points.  


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  1. Never knew these teams were out there dude

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