I’ve been getting emails requesting that I review this movie, but I already did in 2010. For the folks requesting it, here it is again. And remember, if you want instant gratification for your bad movie fix you can check my Bad Movie page to see if I’ve already reviewed the movie you’re requesting:

BLOOD OF DRACULA (1957) – Category: Bad enough and with a classically weird premise but not fun-bad enough for my highest rating.   Not to be confused with Blood Of Dracula’s Castle, yet another of the roughly 9,712 movies in which John Carradine appeared. No, this little honey is best remembered as the movie that should have been called I Was A Teenage Vampire. It’s from the people who brought us both I Was A Teenage Werewolf and I Was A Teenage   Frankenstein. Not onlyfor that reason alone, but also because the lead character is a teenage girl. 

Our heroine is lured toward life as a vampiric guineau pig for one of her teachers at school. The scenes with the girl and the teacher have an odd lesbian subtext to them and film geeks still argue over whether or not it was intentional. Adding to the fun is the fact that the teacher, my favorite female mad scientist this side of Dr Caligula from Alabama’s Ghost, is not only trying to transform our heroine into a scientifically formed vampire (see above right), but she’s doing it because she believes that transforming humanity into a bunch of science-spawned vampires is the only way the world’s population will be able to survive the “inevitable” nuclear war with the Soviet Union!

Making this film even more beautiful from the bad movie angle is the way it combines the teen horror genre with the 50′s Juvenile Delinquent genre, complete with a scene where our lead character is savaged by the “tough girls” shortly after arriving at her new school. Throw in the fact that this flick also features an incredibly goofy rock song, titled Puppy Love (NOT the Donny Osmond version), and we’re left with the knowledge that only the dreary, slow pace of some scenes prevent this film from getting my highest rating.  

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25 responses to “BLOOD OF DRACULA (1957)

  1. Awesome review! This movie sounds funny but awful.

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