Islam and liberalWelcome back to Balladeer’s Blog, the only site on the web that criticizes American Liberals and Conservatives equally! Reasonable people are often very puzzled by the gutless hypocrisy of Liberals when it comes to Islam. After all, Islam is the most homophobic, misogynistic and otherwise intolerant religion in the world at this particular point in history. Yet despite that, American Liberals are too cowardly to criticize Muslims the same way they criticize Christians or Jews.

I’ll try to put it in perspective. The 9-11 attacks immediately cowed Liberals into submission and made them abandon even the mild criticism they used to throw at the Muslim world. It has NOTHING to do with any real fondness for the reactionary, superstitious savagery of Islam, it’s just that American Liberals simple-mindedly think they’re being “deep” and “intellectual” for siding with anyone perceived to be in a conflict with the United States and the rest of the Western Democracies.

Trust me, if PERUVIANS had committed the 9-11 attacks then the hilariously pretentious asses of American Liberalism would have immediately sided with Peruvians. Well, not ALL Peruvians, mind you … only the ones who advocated violence against the U.S. Peruvians who criticized Peruvian terrorism would be ignored by Liberals the way they ignore Muslims who criticize Muslim terrorism. The ONLY people that American Liberals can use as props for their distorted worldview are people hostile to the West.

Surely you’ve noticed how American Liberals think that ONLY the people who dislike American policies of the moment have any real merit and are the “authentic voices” of their region. People who have no grudge against the U.S. are snobbishly ignored by pompous Liberal fools.

At any rate the end result of this simple-mindedness on the part of Liberals (“Anyone who hates America, right or wrong!”) guaranteed that they would side with the Muslim world. This meant that they would have to whitewash everything about Islam’s history, especially their imperialist past, their savage sexism and homophobia, their oppression of ethnic and religious minorities in their own countries and the exploitative way in which most Muslim nations have “Top .000001 Percenters” who live like bloated rich pigs while the rest of the people live in poverty.  

Another comical bit is how American Liberals  – in their usual pretentious way – immediately put on airs as if they were experts on Islam and all Muslim nations right after the 9-11 attacks. Again, if those fictional Peruvian terrorists had flown planes into buildings on that date then Liberals would have immediately pretended to be experts on Peruvian history and would be giving finger-wagging lectures to the rest of us about how America has “wronged” and “oppressed” Peruvians, whom Liberals would depict as the greatest human beings alive, like they do with Muslims these days.

Yes, American Liberals who don’t know the Book of the Cow from the Book of Mormon try to act like experts on the history of the Muslim World, even buying into the myth of ancient Islam’s alleged but non-existent “tolerance” toward other faiths. Muslim cultures do not encourage – or even tolerate – self-critical examinations of  their past, so history books penned by Muslim scholars should be dismissed as sources on this issue. Muslim histories of their treatment of the indigenous populations of “infidels” everywhere they went are as laughably full of omissions and bias as American history books from the 1950s and earlier were about our alleged status as a wonderful “melting pot.”

However, American Liberals being the political androids that they are, they feel that Muslim histories are to be accepted at face value and are not to be subjected to ANY academic skepticism or inquiry. That’s how you get Liberals ridiculously pushing every lie that Muslim “scholars” push.

It’s also why American Liberals forever insist that Islam should be judged ONLY by its most open-minded and tolerant representatives but Christianity and Judaism should be judged ONLY by their most narrow-minded and intolerant representatives.   



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  1. Rose

    I agree with everything you say. I am especially appalled at females who are so indifferent to the suffering of women in the Muslim world.

    • Thanks. And hey, don’t get me started on Western “feminists” and the gutless excuses they always come up with for not criticizing Islam’s treatment of women.

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