Jefferson in his favorite mink stole.

Jefferson in his favorite mink stole.

ZOMBIES OF MONTICELLO (2013) – Halloween month continues at Balladeer’s Blog with this review of cult director Eddie Wozniak’s blood-soaked combination of horror and commentary.

Learn the REAL cause of Thomas Jefferson’s death on July 4th, 1826! On the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence the zombified corpses of all of Jefferson’s dead slaves rise from their graves and besiege him and his extended family in the Jefferson mansion at Monticello!

The pompous hypocrite who penned noble words about freedom and equality while OWNING other human beings tries everything to wipe out the undead legions pressing in on all sides.

Balladeer's Blog

Balladeer’s Blog

The movie is enjoyable on many levels, especially since Thomas Jefferson always gets such a free pass on his repulsive hypocrisy. Many people even subscribe to the myth that he freed his slaves at one point. Nope. Wozniak isn’t nearly as clever as he thinks he is, though, and many of the scare scenes get a bit repetitious after awhile. 

Many innocent members of the Jefferson family and staff die along with Thomas but at least they get to rest in peace. Appropriately TJ himself faces the worst consequences for his lifetime of slave-owning and writing about what black people smell like (see Jefferson’s Notes on the State of Virginia). When his desperate plan to make the heads of the zombified slaves explode from his violin-playing fails Jefferson gets torn limb from limb by the walking cadavers and winds up in Hell serving as a slave on Satan’s plantation for all eternity!

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  1. Go kiss your god Obama’s ass.

    • Wrong, fool. I despise Little Barry Obama and consider him to be the worst president we’ve ever had. Just because I can take shots at Jefferson for the free ride he seems to get regarding slavery does not make me an Obama lover.

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