* NJCAA3 *

Cumberland County College DukesDISTRICT G –   CHAMPIONSHIP GAME   –   Yesterday saw the district championship games for a variety of districts – among them District G. The CUMBERLAND COUNTY COLLEGE DUKES defeated the defending national champions in NJCAA3 baseball – the GLOUCESTER COLLEGE ROADRUNNERS.   The final score in this rout was 11-4.   CONGRATULATIONS TO THE DUKES! (2014 record – 46-8)

Suffolk County Sharks logoDISTRICT F –   CHAMPIONSHIP GAME   –   The title for District F was battled over by the SUFFOLK COUNTY COLLEGE SHARKS and the NASSAU COLLEGE LIONS. In the clash between these two kings of their respective elements it was all Sharks. Suffolk County College eviscerated the Lions SEVENTEEN to ONE! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SHARKS! (2014 record – 20-12)  

Northern Essex KnightsDISTRICT H   –   CHAMPIONSHIP GAME   –   The title game for this district was played between the NORTHERN ESSEX COLLEGE KNIGHTS and the MASSASOIT COLLEGE WARRIORS.   The Knights proved superior to the Warriors in every conceivable way yesterday and moved on to the NJCAA3 World Series by a score of 8-2.   CONGRATULATIONS TO THE KNIGHTS!   (2014 record – 20-12) 

Prince George's College OwlsDISTRICT D   –   CHAMPIONSHIP GAME   –   The fourth and final team to advance to the 2014 College World Series for  NJCAA3 was the champion of District D. The PRINCE GEORGE’S COLLEGE OWLS and the WESTMORELAND COUNTY COLLEGE WOLFPACK fought it out for the privilege but in the end it was no contest. The Owls spanked the Wolfpack 8-1.   CONGRATULATIONS TO THE OWLS!   (2014 record – 21-12)

* NJCAA2 *

Mesa College Thunderbirds logoSOUTHWEST DISTRICT – CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES – This district of NJCAA2 was one of the few districts whose championship was decided yesterday. The MESA COLLEGE THUNDERBIRDS swept the SCOTTSDALE COLLEGE FIGHTING ARTICHOKES (yes, really) by scores of 8-2 and 4-3.   CONGRATULATIONS TO THE THUNDERBIRDS!   (2014 record – 47-12)

Westchester College VikingsEAST DISTRICT – CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES – This District’s title was likewise decided in a sweep. The WESTCHESTER COLLEGE VIKINGS faced the MERCYHURST UNIVERSITY- NORTHEAST SAINTS for the championship. The Vikings doubled up on the Saints in Game One which they took by a score of 6-3. Game Two was much easier for Westchester as they roughed up Mercyhurst- Northeast to the tune of 9-2.   CONGRATULATIONS TO THE VIKINGS! (2014 record – 33-15)

Dakota County Tech Blue KnightsREGION 213 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – The DAKOTA COUNTY TECH BLUE KNIGHTS squared off against the WILLISTON STATE TETONS for the Regional pennant. The Blue Knights more than doubled up on the erstwhile Tetons, winning the game by a final score of 10-4. On to the District clash from here.   CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BLUE KNIGHTS! (2014 record – 21-12)  

Southeast College StormREGION 209 – CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES – This Region’s pennant was fought over by the SOUTHEAST COLLEGE STORM and the MILES (MT) COLLEGE PIONEERS. The Storm took the honors in a sweep of this best of three series. In the first game Southeast won in a 15-8 orgy of offense. The Storm dominated in the second game as well, winning it by a final score of 7-2. Now it’s on to the District tourney.   CONGRATULATIONS TO THE STORM! (2014 record – 37-22-1)

Northern Oklahoma College JetsREGION 202 – CHAMPIONSHIP GAME – Back to a one game winner-take- all format for this Region. The two remaining contenders were the NORTHERN OKLAHOMA COLLEGE JETS and the MURRAY (OK) STATE COLLEGE AGGIES. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a “defense is optional game” because the Jets wound up winning by a football score of THIRTY to TWELVE! On to the District battle!   CONGRATULATIONS TO THE JETS! (2014 record – 34-22) 


Oxnard College CondorsSO-CAL SUPER REGIONALS – The 2nd seeded OXNARD COLLEGE CONDORS advanced to next weekend’s round of games at the expense of the 7th seeded PIERCE COLLEGE BRAHMA BULLS whom they swept by scores of 9-1 and 6-5.   ###   Meanwhile the top seeded ORANGE COAST COLLEGE PIRATES swept the 8th seeded ALLAN HANCOCK COLLEGE BULLDOGS in games that went 9-3 and 8-6.  

Santa Barbara City College Vaqueros logoSO-CAL SUPER REGIONALS PART TWO – The 4 seeds – the SANTA BARBARA CITY COLLEGE VAQUEROS kept the sweeps going, in their case dismissing the 5th seeded LOS ANGELES MISSION COLLEGE EAGLES in results of 3-0 and 8-1.     ###      And the only team in the So-Cal Region to upset their opponents this weekend – the 6th seeded SOUTHWESTERN (CA) COLLEGE JAGUARS – eliminated the 3rd seeded SANTA ANA COLLEGE DONS by way of a 6-5 win, a 6-4 loss and another win by a score of 6-2.

Chabot College GladiatorsNOR-CAL SUPER REGIONALS – The top seeded CHABOT COLLEGE GLADIATORS swept the 8 seeds – the MISSION COLLEGE SAINTS – winning Game One 10-5 and Game Two in an 11-2 blowout.     ###      Meanwhile in yet another sweep from this weekend’s CCCAA action on the diamond the 2nd seeded SAN JOAQUIN DELTA COLLEGE MUSTANGS bounced the 7th seeded MARIN COLLEGE MARINERS by scores of 3-2 and FOURTEEN to TWO!  

College of the Sequoias GiantsNOR-CAL SUPER REGIONALS PART TWO – The final two series in the CCCAA this weekend saw the 5th seeded COLLEGE OF THE SEQUOIAS GIANTS topple the 4th seeded SIERRA COLLEGE WOLVERINES with a 4-2 win, a 6-4 loss and a 5-4 win.     ###      And the 3rd seeded SANTA ROSA COLLEGE BEAR CUBS eliminated the 6 seeds – the CABRILLO COLLEGE SEAHAWKS – in games that went 3-1 Seahawks, then 13-0 and 2-1 Bear Cubs.    


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