THE MATRIARCH, costumed vigilante

THE MATRIARCH, costumed vigilante

Dateline: Las Vegas, NV  A costumed – and voluptuous – vigilante calling herself the Matriarch has declared war on crime. This violent woman has chosen Sin City of all places for her crusade against wrongdoing, a crusade which started two days ago when a young woman reported being saved from an attempted rape by the Matriarch’s timely arrival. The incident would have been dismissed as a hoax if not for the level of damage inflicted on the would-be rapist: the costumed woman whipped him nearly unconscious and then proceeded to kick him between the legs repeatedly with her sharp-toed boots. The accused assailant will likely never achieve a normal erection again for the rest of his life.

Overnight last night the Matriarch struck again, thwarting the attempted armed robbery of the Bellagio Casino. Bizarrely enough the heroine subdued the masked, commando-style gang by wielding her whip, nipple-clamps and dildo-rangs as weapons against them. She also kicked and stomped the hit-and-run armed robbers into submission (as it were), inflicting severe bruises, cracked ribs and at least one punctured lung.

The most schocking twist to this entire affair lay in the identity of the armed culprits. Once unmasked it was revealed that the perpetrators were movie stars George Kloon, Brad Pittley, Damon Matthews and Bernie McCatton. Before the astonished onlookers the Matriarch continued physically abusing the disarmed men, prompting them to admit their motive for the robbery in front of the entire crowd.

After a series of films that proved to be financial disasters because they were unfunny comedies, unexciting “action” movies  and ham-fisted political statements the quartet found that movie studios were no longer willing to pay them their obscene salaries. The four men decided that they needed fifty million dollars apiece as their own personal pay plus an additional three hundred million dollars to complete the budget for their planned joint project: a film denouncing the wealthy. With no investors willing to foot the bill the quartet decided to rob the Bellagio to finance their project.

Las Vegas police took the men into custody and are scouring the city and its environs searching for the Matriarch as well, since her vigilante activities are technically assault and battery. The costumed woman, who is being cheered by the public as a heroic figure, is described as being approximately 5 1/2 feet tall, blonde and with enormous enhanced breasts.

Since that description applies to literally hundreds of women in Las Vegas the authorities are not optimistic about a swift arrest.

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  1. This is a heroine for the 21st century!

  2. This has the makings of a cult classic!

  3. Pingback: Jack

  4. She is a very kinky superhero!

  5. Ravensong

    We need a hero like her!

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