” And for my next trick, I’ll make your take-home pay shrink EVEN MORE in my second term!”

Welcome back to the favorite place of Independent Voters, Balladeer’s Blog, the only site on the web that is truly nonpartisan in its criticism of the repulsive demagogues called Liberals and Conservatives.
Many of my regular readers are from overseas and they often express confusion about America’s method of nominating people for the presidency and about how we end up with the same type of tiresome partisan zealots time after time.

The important thing to remember is that our choices are severely limited by those two rival gangs of white- collar criminals called Democrats and Republicans. Neither of those political parties is mentioned in the Constitution but you can’t realistically run for dog- catcher in this country without having to deal with the party apparatus of those two criminal enterprises.

Naturally the rest of us express more and more desire for viable third and fourth parties to evolve, but here’s the catch: the elected representatives who pass legislation dictating the increasingly restrictive terms that alternate party candidates must meet JUST TO BE PUT ON THE BALLOT all belong to the Democratic and Republican parties. Needless to say those two groups are happy to maintain their monopoly on the political system by making it impossible for third parties to gain a truly competitive foothold. 

And that brings us back to the nominating process used by the two rival gangs who grafted themselves onto the body politic. The candidates they offer the voting public are all the same type of bought- and – paid-for politicians that we get stuck with over and over again and do NOT represent the true desires of the American people! The Democrats and Republicans also keep the cost of running a campaign artificially high to ensure that bloated rich pigs retain their ugly influence on the political world. Compare that to countries like the U.K., where someone with a real- world job and income stands a very real chance of getting elected because campaigns don’t cost billions of dollars.

Please remember, this is NOT a fault with democracy per se. It is instead proof that political parties are as dangerous as many of our Founding Fathers warned us about. Just as the American experiment in democracy learned from some of the mistakes of the ancient Athenian enterprise hopefully subsequent nations who dabble in self-rule will learn from our mistake and remedy the cancer of political parties.

For us that cancer has spread too far and can’t be removed without killing the whole patient. All we’re left with in terms of rebelling within the system is to vote for third parties every election. It’s the only peaceful “message” the current mess permits us to send to the Democratic and Republican parties and the Liberal and Conservative zealots who run them.


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  1. Woman

    Ok… this is not really on topic but sort of on topic.

    You mentioned that “the Democrats and Republicans also keep the cost of running a campaign artificially high to ensure that bloated rich pigs retain their ugly influence on the political world.”

    Do you see any change in this in the future? Do you see the American people standing up one day and in a sense overthrowing the government because they are tired of all the crap? Or is this one of those anti-America things I’ve heard people talk of lately?

    • It’s not one of those anti-American things because I can confidently say that the bulk of things that people around the world distrust the USA about are actually THE FAULT OF THE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS AND THEIR WEALTHY SUPPORTERS WHO HAVE A STRANGLEHOLD ON OUR POLITICAL SYSTEM.

      It’s like this post states, we ONLY get to vote on the candidates the wealth-fueled Democratic and republican parties limit us to voting on. Anyone who would NOT play their game is prevented from having a chance of winning.

      Sadly, I don’t see an uprising of any kind to bring it to an end. What I actually see coming is a situation like the Spanish Civil War in the 1930’s with left-wing fanatics fighting right-wing fanatics. The country will ultimately be just a right-wing or left-wing dictatorship with no freedoms left for anyone.

      It’s not pretty and it’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s just the way this type of situation has turned out historically in the past.

  2. That says it perfectly. The Democrats and Republicans don’t let anyone who might not play by their crooked rules into the game in the first place.

  3. Heh. Balladeer, I thought you might like this post from James Howard Kunstler ( Yes, ignore for a moment his slip-ups on the Y2K stuff, etc. Reality Party has a nice ring to it–that’s the third party I’m voting for 😀

  4. EXCELLENT!!! Im sick of the Dems and Repubs and you’re right – it’s not in the constitution that elected figures have to be from one of those 2 parties all the time. You’re right, too that since everybody in office now is either a Dem or a Repub they’ll do all they can to prevent the people from regaining control.

  5. Nailed it! The demonrats and rethuglicans are the tyrants looting and pillaging this country for all they can get out of it while preventing viable third parties from having a chance.

    • Thanks! I often say we don’t need to rebel against our actual form of government, just the 2 money-fueled political parties that have unconstitutionally hijacked our political system.

  6. TELL IT! B for Balladeer!!! lol Loved this article.

  7. Nice to see so many other people are fed up with Liberal and Conservative shit.

  8. Positively mindopening! We need a war of independence from the Demoratic and republican parties in a big way!

  9. Each election year it gets worse and worse. I don’t know what the answer is.

  10. I hope ur blog really catches on because I think there r a lot of us who are fed up with the democrats and republicans.

  11. Make this the battle cry of the entire country! Take back the country from democrats and republicans!

  12. Liberals and conservatives both suck and I really enjoy these posts of yours!

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  14. You seem like a liberal so why do you mock them all the time?

  15. Anita

    Dismantle the machine! You are right!

  16. Liberals and conservatives all suck and thank you for saying so!


  18. Brilliant! We need a revolution against the Ds and Rs

  19. Balladeer’s Blog has the best politicl commentary because you criticize both sides.

  20. I agree – – – they are all crooks!

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