Welcome to Week Two of the 2012 college football season. Yes, no matter what ESPN says, this is the SECOND week of gridiron action for 2012. Remember the Exclusively Sports Publicists Network pretends various divisions of college football don’t exist just because they don’t have the contract to broadcast their games. Besides, they’re far too busy devoting entire weeks to publicizing a video game to pay attention to actual athletic competition.

The Southwestern College Moundbuilders (helmet above left) take on the (10) Northwestern (IA) Red Raiders in one of tonight’s games. Other NAIA games for the night will see the (17) VCS Vikings visit the (8) Morningside Mustangs, the Mayville State Comets face the Dakota College at Bottineau Lumberjacks and the (7) St Francis (IL) Fighting Saints host D2’s Ferris State Bulldogs. 

As for NCAA Division 3 action, the Pacific Boxers host the Simon Fraser Clan (as in Scottish clan), the (15) Wheaton Thunder welcome the Benedictine Eagles and the Manchester Spartans travel to face the Trine Thunder. Tomorrow the St Norbert College Green Knights play the John Carroll Blue Streaks in Dublin, Ireland. Yes, Dublin, Ireland. 

NJCAA football matchups for tonight include the Eastern Arizona College Gila Monsters against the Green River College Gators and the defending national champs, the East Mississippi College Lions hosting the Pearl River Wildcats.

D2 football is playing practically a whole Saturday slate tonight so there are too many teams in action to mention! Keep checking back to Balladeer’s Blog for updated results!

NAIA – (8) Morningside Mustangs embarrassed the (17) VCS Vikings  49-7  ###  (10) Northwestern (IA) Red Raiders routed the Southwestern College Moundbuilders  49-0

D3 – Trine Thunder over the Manchester Spartans  24-14  ###  (15) Wheaton Thunder crushed the Benedictine Eagles  48-7 

D2 – St Joseph’s Pumas UPSET Division 1’s Valparaiso Crusaders in their own house 36-34  ###  Shorter Hawks (fresh out of NAIA) UPSET Division 1’s Campbell Camels in their own house 31-20  ###  (1) Pittsburg (KS) State Gorillas over the Northeastern State Riverhawks  41-20  ###  (3) NW Missouri Bearcats over the East Central Tigers  33-3  ###  (6) CSU- Pueblo Thunderwolves over the (12) West Texas A&M Buffaloes  44-34  ###  Sioux Falls Cougars over the St Cloud Huskies  32-19  ###  (11) Cal (PA) Vulcans upset the (10) Hillsdale Chargers  30-22  ###  (25) Washburn Ichabods over the UNK Lopers  24-14  ###  Gannon Golden Knights over the Lake Erie College Storm  36-33    


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  1. Woot Woot! I’m glad to find these other divisions! I’m sick of the felons in D1 so I’ll be following these teams at ur blog all season long!

  2. Who can resist a team called Gila Monsters! these divisions u cover rock!

  3. Go Moundbuilders! Never heard of them until now but I’ll be following them here from now on!

  4. Some real blowouts that night!

  5. What about Shorter taking down a D1 team?

  6. Woah Im in heaven! found a site that covers all these divisions in one place!

  7. Hot shit finding all these divisions covered in 1 spot.

  8. I want 2 play 4 Southwestern College when I graduate.

  9. Excellent post and I am in love with the odd named teams u cover.

  10. The Fighting Saints are boss!

  11. MSU-Northern will bounce back from this loss!

  12. Never heard of any of these teams but u make em sound great anyway.

  13. Go Moundbuilders! Never heard of them until now but they are just about 30 miles away!

  14. I want to play for the Northwestern Iowa team when I graduate!

  15. Lou

    The Gila Monsters r my favorite weird team u cover.

  16. East Mississippi will repeat as National Champions!


  18. My brother plays for the Mayville State Comets! Go Comets!

  19. We in Nigeria follow these teams through your blog! Best to you!

  20. This year Morningside will go all the way and win the National Championship!

  21. I want 2 play 4 Mayville State!

  22. u make it fun 2 follow these teams nobody ever heard of!

  23. This is a fun new world of college sports here! Not the usual teams over and over again.

  24. Good 2 c these divisions get sum luv.

  25. If I go to study in America these are the kind of colleges I would rather play for.

  26. Interesting divisions u cover.

  27. When I movve to America next year I want to go to one of these colleges!

  28. Kickass blog! Never heard of any of these teams til now but you make em seem worth following!

  29. Does anybody give a shit about these bullshit teams?

  30. Nice change of pace from the paid felons of Division 1 football.

  31. I’m from the UK and I have to say you make Yank football fun to follow.

  32. Great new teams you dig up!

  33. My son plays there! Thanks for the exposure!

  34. Fantastic! Go Battling Bears!

  35. I would love to play for the Moundbuilders when I graduate 2 years from now.

  36. My brother goes to Simon Fraser! Go Clan!

  37. Bottineau is beautiful! I live there!

  38. Where the hell is Wheaton?

  39. You da man 4 finding these teams and givin m sum luv!

  40. Nice helmet! I’d still rather play for MNU.

  41. i’m a Southwestern College grad! I didn’t know anybody covered their teams!

  42. I want my son recruited by the St Francis Fighting Saints!

  43. NAIA college football kicks the ass of NCAA college football!

  44. Southwestern College – great lids!

  45. Ken

    I agree, NAIA football is way better than NCAA football!

  46. Denver K

    These teams have real student athletes.

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