There’s a reason his initials are B.O.

Obama has shown once again that he is determined to be remembered in one breath with sleazy presidents like Republicans Richard Nixon and Warren G Harding.

Regular readers of Balladeer’s Blog know that I am an Independent Voter who criticizes both Liberal fools and Conservative fools equally and that I show no respect for any presidents of either party. (If you don’t believe me read my President’s Day look at all the men who have stayed one step ahead of the law while holding that office. )

That being said Obama is the most inept, dishonest, corrupt, intentionally divisive and blatantly self- serving U.S. President since at least 1974. His misleading ad trying to tie (the admittedly repulsive) Mitt Romney to the death of steel worker Joe Soptic’s  wife is a new low even for a president who thinks we have 57 states and can’t pronounce the rank of “Corpsman”.

Even a few Democratic news outlets are taking Obama to task for the repulsively misleading ad which has its timeline of events wrong at the most basic level and, according to Joe Soptic himself, DISTORTS WHAT SOPTIC WAS TRYING TO SAY!

Just as I heavily hit Joe “Child Rape Scandal” Paterno about all his Family Values posturing when the Freeh Report found he may have been covering up an ongoing series of child rapes for more than a decade it’s impossible not to hit little Barry Obama with his own incessant hypocrisy since taking office. The demagogue constantly talks about making the political discourse in this country more civil and straightforward while all he has done since taking office is establish new lows in dishonesty, cronyism and, of course, with racebaiting every time he gets called on his reptilian behavior.

Just as Richard Nixon tried to disassociate his campaign from the Committee to Re-Elect the President, I’m sure Obama, when he finally gets around to addressing this issue (hey, I’m sure he’s got important fundraisers to attend and campaign speeches to make) will try to disassociate himself from this SuperPac ad.

Obama is clueless on how to deal with unemployment, the economy, foreign affairs, and most other responsibilities of a chief executive, but when it comes to campaigning, especially dishonest campaigning, the man is second to none. No surprise, because if you elect a sleazy politician from the cesspool that is Chicago politics (Dead Voters Unite!) you get a sleazy president.

Nobody knows what the future holds, but in my lifetime I don’t anticipate seeing a more loathesome little man than Barack Obama in the White House.


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  1. I anticipate seeing worse. We’re in a state of steady decline. History is rhyming and it’s not a pretty rhyme, either–more of a Limerick if you ask me.

    • I agree that we are in a state of decline. That’s why I harp so much on how we need to speak out on homophobia and misogyny in other parts of the world while we still have a little influence. If we wait until we’re completely kaput it will be like starting all over from scratch with gay and women’s rights.

      • Hmm. You picked a good day to respond this way. Well, I agree insofar as homophobia=killing/beating people with same-sex attraction and misogyny means abuses against women, unequal pay for equal work, etc–of course, those are things that need to be changed. No one should be killed or beaten or otherwise harmed for something like same-sex attraction. Women should be recognized as full human beings and have equal pay and equal rights under the law. If we’re talking in terms of gay marriage and abortion, I’m afraid, however, I would have to part ways with you and agree to disagree.

      • No problem! I’m not one of those people who refuse to be friendly with people just because we have different opinions.

        Take care!

  2. Woman

    This is strange…. here in the local papers and such, many people here really like Obama. It is strange!!!

    What do other people in America think of him?

    • Ha! I’m sure people in other countries do like him. the same way plenty of Americans would love a Chinese leader if he constantly subordinated his own people’s welfare for the sake of other countries. And just like the board of directors of Coke would love a Pepsi president who ran Pepsi into the ground while benefiting Coke.

      It is half and half here in America, He wasn’t elected by that much of a difference in the first place and he’s alienated plenty of people with his shoving Obamacare down our throats and with his corruption and cronyism and race-baiting and general dishonesty.

      Naturally the Democratic propoganda outlets act like he’s beloved here in America and the Republican propoganda outlets act like he’s disliked intensely.

    • Anna

      I had high hopes but those vanished with in the first couple of years of his administration. Now I hope for a change in leadership.

  3. Tremendous post! You said it perfectly. Obama’s failure to understand his own shortcomings are his biggest fault, but liberals always think they know more than everyone else does about everything.

  4. I can’t believe I was dumb enough to vote for Obama in 2008. What a failure and a disappointment and a liar.

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  6. This was a terrific way of putting it! Obama is a national embarrassment who is clearly in over his head.

  7. It is always such a relief to come here and read real people’s views, not the canned “left vs right” bull on television and at internet message boards, where they drive away everyone who doesn’t fit the liberal or conservative mold.

  8. I’m glad some of you Americans are smart enough to see what a crook and a liar Obama is.

  9. Nicely put! I luv how u drip with contempt when u write about this overrated but underperforming pig.

    • Thank you! This silly little demagogue is clearly in a job he cannot handle in any way, shape or form. All he knows how to do is racebait and make campaign appearances.

  10. So glad to see this! So many shows try to act like its only conservatives who are sick of Obama the crook.

  11. Obama is the worst president we have ever had! I didn’t think anyone could be worse than George W Bush but Obama has been!

  12. I cannot believe I was dumb enough to vote 4 this piece of trash! Just a crook who lies and lies and has no competence at all!

  13. You hit this one out of the park. Obama has no scruples and no administrative abilities.

  14. Amy

    LOVED READING THIS! I was one of the fools who voted for this failure in 2008 and I will never forgive myself.

  15. Chu

    Awesome! I was one of the people dumb enough to vote for Obama in 2008. The worst mistake of my life!

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  17. It was refreshing to find a non-conservative site willing to take on the Failure in chief. I’m an independent voter, too, and I have come to feel so much contempt for Obama.

  18. Amazingly passionate. You said it all about the crook Obama with this.

  19. Nixon is pretty low but Obama wants to get right down there with him!

  20. Who would u say is worse, Obama or Nixon?

  21. Nice one! I voted for this asshat in 2008 but I think he is a crook and a liar.

  22. Very creative trashing of this disappointing piece of shit Obama.

  23. Anita

    Soptic tank is right. Obama makes Nixon look honest.

  24. Obama is even worse than Richard Nixon.

  25. Nicely said. Everybody knows ur not a conservative so what u say about this piece of shit Obama carries a lot of weight.

  26. Obama will probably be remembered as the sleaziest president in history.

  27. Obama is the worst president you Americans have ever had.

  28. Obama is a joke and he’ll be remembered for the liar he is.

  29. Power in the hands of a demagogue like Obama is never good.

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  31. Maria

    Obama was shit.

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