The Dallas Christian College Crusaders (logo at left) won the Southwest Region on Saturday, filling the final automatic berth in the NCCAA2 World Series. Here’s a look at the seedings for all 8 teams in the event. Meanwhile, the USCAA’s 10 team field for their World Series has also been finalized. Balladeer’s Blog’s coverage of the action will begin May 7th. 

NCCAA2 SEEDING – 1. Toccoa Falls College Eagles ( Defending champs and winners of the South Region Tournament ) *** 2. Florida Christian College Suns ( Runners- up in the South Region) *** 3. Arlington Baptist College Patriots ( Runners- up in the Southwest Region Tournament) *** 4. North Central University Rams ( Winners of the Midwest Region Tournament) *** 5. Dallas Christian College Crusaders (Winners of the Southwest Region ) *** 6. Ohio Christian University Trailblazers ( Winners of the Mid East Region Tournament) *** 7. Manhattan Christian College Crusaders ( 3rd place Southwest Region) *** 8. Lancaster Bible College Chargers ( Winners of the East Region Tournament) 

The only 2 teams not in last year’s World Series field are Lancaster and Arlington Baptist. Last year’s East Region champions were the Philadelphia Biblical University Crimson Eagles. PBU and Lancaster are the Yankees and Red Sox of the East Region and have been taking turns representing their region in the NCCAA2 World Series.

USCAA SEEDING – 1. Spalding University Golden Eagles *** 2. Newport News Apprentice School Builders *** 3. Rochester College Warriors *** 4. Clark State Eagles *** 5. Southern Virginia University Knights *** 6. Mont Alto Lions *** 7. Beaver Nittany Lions *** 8. Selma University Bulldogs *** 9. Penn Tech Wildcats *** 10. Robert Morris- Springfield Eagles  


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  2. Lots of cool teams I never heard of on here. The Builders do sound great!

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