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Golem depicted by Philippe Semeria

Golem depicted by Philippe Semeria

Tonight’s third episode of the new cable television series 21st Century Golem finds the clay monster from Jewish folklore battling a zombified Yasser Arafat, the most famous Palestinian terrorist of them all.

The reason given for Arafat’s reanimation? Hamas’ storage of chemical weapons underneath Arafat’s burial place. The episode depicts the chemicals leaking into Yasser’s corpse and causing his body to rise from the grave to do what the madman loves best – kill innocent Israeli civilians. If only the makers of 21st Century Golem had waited they would have gotten some scripting help from this week’s revelation that Arafat’s corpse supposedly showed signs of poison. If they had known that would happen they could have thrown in a reference to the alleged poison mingling with the other chemicals to give us this zombie terrorist.

At any rate the Arafat zombie thrills the Hamas butchers, who feel they now have a supernatural ally of their own to use against the Golem who has been thwarting their murderous plans. After a Continue reading


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