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Vestige Cover by Ethan Van SciverVestige is one of the most exciting and original graphic novel serials to come along in years. It is currently InDemand on Indiegogo so you can still reserve your own copies.

The tale told in Vestige is set in the 1890s and involves assorted weapons which have been wielded by legendary figures over the years. Those weapons contain a certain residual aura or “vestige” of their heroic owners and endow their subsequent owners with preternatural abilities.

The course of history and the fate of the world hinge on the character and courage of a handful of individuals caught up in the adventure of their lives. Steam-Punk meets the supernatural in a historical adventure that will thrill you to the core! 

Vestige interiorAn all-star collection of independent comics creators are bringing Vestige to life. ROHAN KUMAR PALL is running the Indiegogo campaign, DONAL DELAY handles the interior art, KYLE RITTER is the colorist and GAT HANZO handles the story.

The incredible cover artwork (top left) is by none other than ETHAN VAN SCIVER, the comic book industry Mozart/ Leonardo da Vinci himself! All this plus the FIRST ISSUE appeal make Vestige a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Continue reading


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