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Islamophobia posterI never hide the fact that I reject the outdated labels Liberal and Conservative, nor the fact that I follow news and commentary outlets from both the political left and the political right. Politico is one of the left-wing outlets yet even THEY are starting to wake up about the wrong-headedness of the left’s attitude of “Islam: Right or Wrong!” To cite just a few new quotes from the site that usually cries Islamophobia at the slightest excuse:

***** “As the violence spreads across continents, what we are witnessing is a meltdown of the Islamic universe. Populations in Africa are as much in the cross-hairs as those of India, Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere. The victims may be diverse but the culprits are of one affiliation.” (Balladeer: Nice of them to finally notice.)

***** “So let’s be clear. The West didn’t invent despots in the region (The Middle East). The tradition predates Western influence, one strongman dynasty has replaced another for centuries — and always with a great deal of popular momentum backing its strong Islamic leaders.”

Islam and liberal***** “Why do we expect host countries to succeed in convincing (Muslims) that women have a right to equal treatment, especially when liberal thinking in Europe and the U.S. urges immigrants to hold fast to their own cultures?”

***** “Molenbeek and other Islamized neighborhoods in Europe have become fortresses of separatism. And the influence of those neighborhoods is not easily contained. There’s sufficient evidence to believe that the lackadaisical approach to undigested multiculturalism backfires repeatedly. It could all end catastrophically at any moment.”

***** “Two fundamental conditions need to be met for any chance of peace or security to remain in our globalized century of mass migrations. European and American societies have to regain confidence in their deepest self (not merely in their free market or political principles) and immigrants to the West need to recognize the flaws of their own cultures.

“The first requires that Western societies reaffirm their identity-forming traditions and insist that newcomers incorporate them as a core consciousness. The second requires newcomers to have the cultural humility to do so.”

Balladeer: Well put. Unfortunately it’s Politico-EUROPE. I don’t expect the close-minded American Left to be this reasonable anytime soon.  To read the whole article click HERE