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Islam jokes don't kill peopleSince the cowardly hypocrites called Democrats are determined to overuse the word “supremacist” like they overused the word “racist” I figured I’d use the term “Muslim Supremacist” instead of Muslim Fascist this time around. Call them what you will, you can bet America’s spineless Democrats will remain too terrified to utter a word of criticism about them.  

Here are just A FEW of the latest atrocities from the kind of Muslims that the Democrats who censor Facebook LOVE!

August 25th: Gakara, Cameroon – Muslim Supremacists burned down THIRTY-FIVE homes and killed FIFTEEN innocent people while injuring EIGHT more. But to Facebook the only “offense” is if someone posts a news article about it on their Facebook page. (Since people can block anything they want to block there is NO excuse for Facebook’s obsessive censorship.) 

August 23rd: Nganzi, Nigeria – Muslim Supremacists burned down homes and killed FIFTEEN innocent people while injuring TWELVE more. (Facebook will ban news articles about it.) 

August 25th: Rakhine, Myanmar – Muslim Supremacists launch a raid, killing TWELVE innocent people. (Facebook will ban news articles about it.) 

August 26th: Rakhine, Myanmar – Muslim Supremacists struck again, this time killing SIX innocent people for being Hindus instead of Muslims. (Facebook will ban news articles about it.)

August 21st: Tubigan, Philippines – Abu Sayyaf, the local affiliate of the Global Muslim Supremacist Murder Machine, burned down homes and killed NINE innocent people while injuring SIXTEEN more. (Facebook will ban news articles about it.)   Continue reading


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