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mascot donkey and republican headsFor obvious reasons given recent events, overseas readers have been asking me how America has fallen victim to so much Corporate Fascism. As always, I’m humbled by the way some of them point to my contempt for both our major political parties as the reason why they put stock in my opinions on such issues. (And remember, I never maintain that my view is the only one, just that mine is not based on party politics since I despise the career politicians from both parties.) 

Let’s start with the basics – long ago corporate fascists and other bloated rich pigs tended to gravitate toward the Republicans. However, the clueless Republican leadership understands nothing but money, while the Democrats understand power and its use.

Money follows power, so corporate fascists therefore naturally gravitated more and more to the Democrats, who not only get the corporate fascists what they want but manage to make them look civic-minded in the process. Conversely, if rich pigs don’t play ball with the Democrat fascists the Democrats use their media outlets to smear those rich pigs to the point of ruin.

Take the NFL, MLB and NBA for starters. Years ago the national conversation about brain-dead professional athletes was dominated by scandals about the use of performance-enhancing drugs, cheating, law-breaking, fixing and ESPECIALLY violence against women. Mostly domestic abuse and rape. The NFL was also facing endless problems due to the concussion issue and its possible negligence. 

Years down the road, we see that as long as the NFL, MLB, NBA and others are willing to become louder and louder shills for the Democrats’ pet issues of the moment those negatives like domestic abuse don’t get discussed much – if at all – anymore. It’s another way the buffoonish Republican leadership’s failure to keep up with the Democrats in the Media Arms Race leads to defeats in other arenas. Republicans worry about “splitting audience share” while Democrats shrewdly concentrate on saturating the nation with their talking points no matter the cost in mere money. 

At present the NBA in particular is down there with scum like I.G. Farben since the NBA is in bed with the Chinese Concentration Camps and the slave labor used to make NBA merchandise. But the Democrats’ media outlets provide cover for the NBA, NFL and MLB since those leagues are basically Democrat Campaign Organizations now.

Nike and Disney have their own horrific ties to Chinese Concentration Camps and slave labor but the Democrats’ media outlets provide cover for Nike and Disney since they own many Democrats in office. 

Democrat fascismBack to athletics, Corporate Sports don’t just publicize the issues the Democrats want publicized they even advocate for or condemn particular political candidates AND SPECIFIC PIECES OF LEGISLATION now. Democrats who get elected with the aid of such support are not likely to pass legislation hurting their corporate fascist allies in the major sports franchises. And the Corporate Sports Leagues know that political favors will keep coming as long as they mouth Democrat talking points. The clueless buffoons who run the Republican Party are irrelevant because of their mindless reverence for “the Free Market” (LMAO). 

Another way that Corporate Sports help the Democrats is by circumventing political contribution laws. Say the Democrats’ media outlets pump up interest in a particular issue. The corporate fascists of the corporate sports world can “donate” countless MILLIONS of dollars to organizations which the Democrat media outlets promote as “socially concerned” organizations fighting for “positive change.”

Those allegedly socially concerned organizations can funnel many of those funds to Democrat politicians by way of third and fourth party organizations pretending to be “non-partisan” and socially conscious. Continue reading





Playing college ball at an NAIA school is just as much a stepping-stone to the major leagues as playing at NCAA schools. Over the past 2 years no less than 85 players from NAIA schools have been taken in the MLB draft. Here’s a look at 2010’s draftees.

Before we dive in let me say I hope all of you had a happy 4th of July celebration. For me it always Continue reading


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