Playing college ball at an NAIA school is just as much a stepping-stone to the major leagues as playing at NCAA schools. Over the past 2 years no less than 85 players from NAIA schools have been taken in the MLB draft. Here’s a look at 2010’s draftees.

Before we dive in let me say I hope all of you had a happy 4th of July celebration. For me it always kicks off July 3rd (or “4th of July Eve”  as I like to call it) with a viewing of the movie version of the Broadway musical 1776 about the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Yes, even if you think liking a musical means I need to turn in my manhood at the front desk I have to say I love that movie, historical inaccuracies and all. Maybe some of the songs are so stupid they would have been rejected by Barney the Purple Dinosaur but the dialogue portions are terrific and if that film doesn’t fill you with a feeling of national pride then you just don’t have a pulse.

Back to sports here’s a rundown of the players who got drafted and the college team they played for. All nicknames are to the best of my knowledge purely my own demented creation and any resemblance to real nicknames ever applied to these players is strictly coincidental…not to mention a little frightening.

NOTE: For the 2011 NAIA draftees headed for the MLB click here:

Joe “The Baseball Player” Staley, Lubbock Christian Chaparrals – taken by San Francisco

Kawicka “Jonesy” Emsley-Pai, Lewis-Clark State (ID) Warriors – taken by Arizona

“President” Tyler Knigge, Lewis-Clark State Warriors – taken by Philadelphia

“Grin and Bear It” Garrett Rau, Cal Baptist Lancers– taken by Boston

Drew “Don’t Call Me D.T.” Tyson, Reinhardt (GA) Eagles – taken by Oakland

Chase “George” Wentz, LSU-Shreveport Pilots – taken by Pittsburgh

Josh “Bruce Campbellenbrenner” Ashenbrenner, Lewis-Clark State Warriors – taken by Detroit

Jonathan “Count John” Kountis, Embry-Riddle (FL) Eagles – taken by NY Mets

Cameron “C Squared” Conner, Indiana Southeast Grenadiers – taken by KS City

Bennett “Don’t Break It” Whitmore, Concordia (CA) Eagles – taken by Seattle

Peter “Mynah” Birdwell, Vanguard (CA) Lions – taken by NY Mets

Austin “Groovy” Goolsby, Embry-Riddle (FL) Eagles – taken by Baltimore

Todd “MLB Draft Fiiiiive!” Muecklisch, Lewis-Clark State Warriors – taken by Florida

Michael “Not the Psychotronic Guy” Weldon, Wayland Baptist Pioneers – taken by NY Mets

“Pacific” Pete Gehle, Azusa Pacific (CA) Cougars – taken by CHI White Sox

Yimy “The Peru State Kid” Rodriguez, Peru State (NE) Bobcats – taken by Los Angeles

Joseph Zeller, “That Baseball Feller”, The Master’s (CA) Mustangs – taken by CHI Cubs
“Alexander” Hamilton Bennett, Tennessee Wesleyan Bulldogs – taken by NY Mets
Brian “B Squared” Burke, Lewis-Clark State Warriors – taken by Minnesota
Jose “If You’re Going To San Francisco” Cuevas, Lee (TN) Flames – taken by San Francisco
“Hanging” Chad Blauer, Point Loma Nazarene Sea Lions – taken by KS City
Steve “The Sea Lion” Winnick, Point Loma Nazarene Sea Lions – taken by NY Mets
“Roarin'” Ryan Delgado, Azusa Pacific Cougars – taken by Atlanta
Justin “Riverboat Pilot” Ennis, LSU-Shreveport Pilots – taken by Pittsburgh
Samuel “Wish Upon A” Starr, British Columbia Thunderbirds – taken by Baltimore
Aaron “The Side Of Caution” Larsen, Bethany (KS) Swedes – taken by Oakland
Johnathan “DeNickname” DeBerry, Bethel (TN) Wildcats – taken by San Francisco
Pat Murray “The K”, Lewis-Clark State Warriors – taken by Philadelphia
Auburn “Sam” Donaldson, Southeastern (FL) Fire – taken by Baltimore
Stephen “Ted” Shackleford, Savannah College of Art & Design Bees – taken by San Francisco
Jeff “Beau” Nadeau, LSU-Shreveport Pilots – taken by St Louis
Stephen “Not The Songwriter” Foster, Lewis-Clark State Warriors – taken by Atlanta
Wade “London” Broyles, Belhaven Blazers – taken by Tampa Bay
Peter “Thriller” Miller, Trinity International (IL) Trojans – taken by Detroit
Mark “Party” Hardy, British Columbia Thunderbirds – taken by San Diego
Terrance “TJ From OK” Jackson, Oklahoma City Stars – taken by NY Mets
Darian “Fred” Sandford, Park (MO) Pirates – taken by KS City
Frederick “Saint” Lewis, Tennessee Wesleyan Bulldogs – taken by NY Yankees
“Detroit Rock City” Tyson Kendrick, Tabor (KS) Blue Jays – taken by Detroit
Balladeer’s Blog wishes all these players the best of luck as they pursue their pro careers and wonders how long it will be before some of them wind up making the All Star Game.

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  1. I never heard of any of these schools! It’s good to see my kids could go there and still play basebal maybe someday even in the MLB. I’m saving this place in my favorites.

  2. I laugh at these nicknames every time I read them! I keep telling everyone about this site!

  3. This blog rocks! These nicknames are hilarious! I’ll bet your list is the only one on the internet where people bothered to read every name!

  4. These look like schools I would like to go to and I had no idea they were out there. I’m glad I found your blog!

    • Thanks! A lot of my e-mailers say the same sort of thing. Too many NAIA sites are so in-depth they drive away casual fans who feel confused. My blog works nicely as an introduction to the teams since I keep it light.

  5. Clyde

    Love that baseball!

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