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new northlandTHE NEW NORTHLAND (1915) – Written by Louis Pope Gratacap. The main character is explorer Alfred Erickson, who recruited a few associates of varied backgrounds to join him in a search to prove the existence of an isolated warm weather land mass in the far north.

They have a ship take them to Point Barrow, then proceed on a launch from there. Eventually they reach a northern polar sea and upon crossing it, find the geographical pocket they theorized about. Mountain ranges shield the area from arctic winds and they will soon discover a more important factor in warming the region – which they name Krocker Land.

Erickson and company clash with a wild boar and a huge animal that is part crocodile and part python. They survive the encounter but grow wary about what may lie ahead.

Proceeding further, the explorers come across coins and other signs of an intelligent civilization. Soon, they catch sight of a race of very short people part Inuit and part Semitic. The three feet tall people are traveling by floating through the air on lighter than air balloon devices worn on their shoulders. Continue reading


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