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allen-westAllen West has weighed in with the opinion that President Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Labor – Andy Puzder – is an excellent choice to implement Trump’s plans to increase employment opportunities for African Americans.

And I would point out that this is in stark contrast to the Obama administration, whose policies were the usual Democrat carrot-and-stick incentives to give blind support to the Democrats’ party in exchange for vague promises of future changes. Fifty years of condescending nonsense were all that the Democrats gave to working class families of any color.

West pointed out that under Obama black unemployment rates never stopped being sky-high. In cities including Atlanta, Chicago and Washington, D.C., the unemployment rate among African Americans is 19, 23, and 18 percent, respectively.

Nationally, the current black youth unemployment rate is more than double that of whites. President Trump, like a new Franklin Roosevelt, has actual, concrete plans to address the problem. Unlike Roosevelt, however, Donald Trump is a de facto Third Party President and must withstand attacks from both left-wing and right-wing media outlets.

trump-first-weekAnd I actually read what Trump’s policies are. If you are reacting to him based purely on what shallow, uninformed and emotionally unstable entertainers say about him then you’re not a very reliable judge, are you?

Trump’s political foes among BOTH Democrats AND Republicans seem terrified that this President’s departure from the failed strategies of the past will continue to disrupt the current corrupt system which keeps career politicians fat and happy but does nothing for the poor and the working class.

The louder the anti-Trump insanity becomes from the American media (owned by roughly 15 billionaires according to Anonymous and Wikileaks and others) the more you can bet Trump is laying out strategies that people like the Koch Brothers and George Soros and Carlos Slim see as threats to their plutocratic empire.     Continue reading

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