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Balladeer’s Blog takes a look at its Comedy Hall of Fame honorees – parody division.  A film must be thirty years old or older to qualify. Here they are, in no particular order.

love and deathLOVE AND DEATH (1975)

Written and directed by Woody Allen. In the years before he started churning out relationship movie after relationship movie, Woody crafted this hilarious parody of Russian literature AND Russian filmmaking.

When Love and Death was made, Allen’s comedic approach was up there with Mel Brooks, the Monty Python troupe and the Airplane/ Naked Gun folks in terms of fast and furious laughs with virtually no time to catch your breath.

This movie features love triangles and rectangles, silent film riffs, metaphysics, the principal from the Back to the Future films as Napoleon and the ultimate Black Russian joke. Diane Keaton was terrific at comedy even before her turn in Annie Hall. Continue reading


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