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It’s no secret that Democrats have become an irrational cult that has more in common with various religions than it does with politics. Confession: I used to belong to that disgusting party back when it was sane. Now I’m an Independent Voter. At any rate, here are just a few of the articles of faith in the Democrat religion:

*** It doesn’t matter that Democrats defended slavery and fought for its expansion, or that Democrats founded the Ku Klux Klan, or that Democrats pushed Jim Crow and segregation, or that Democrats caused the Trail of Tears, or that Democrats interred Japanese-Americans during World War Two.

To Democrats it is enough to just say “That was back then. We are better people now.” IF DEMOCRATS CAN MAKE THAT CLAIM, THEN SO CAN EVERYONE ELSE IN THE UNITED STATES. The majority of the nation came to reject those Democrat policies and organizations, yet Democrats still pretend that they no longer bear guilt for those things, but the rest of the country does. It was not just Democrats who turned away from that path, it was the nation as a whole – many times over the objections of Democrats.  

*** Some males menstruate and get pregnant. To Democrats it is hatred to state otherwise.

NOTE: This Democrat article of faith is as false as all the others, no matter how many Democrats express agreement with it. Producing people who agree with a statement does not prove it to be “true”. It simply demonstrates that it is a shared assertion. Continue reading


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