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Obama weak

Barack Obama contemplating his failed presidency

Very moving words from a president I have never believed capable of this type of honesty:

I, Barack Obama, apologize to everyone in the world for your misplaced hope in me, especially that premature Nobel Peace Prize which I have thoroughly failed to live up to. I apologize for giving nuclear weapons capability to the fanatics of Iran. Any and all deaths from Iranian nukes are to be blamed on me and me alone.

I apologize to the world for spawning the Islamic State and I beg all of you to please refer to it as “Obamastan” as a constant reminder of the shame that should forever be attached to me. The Islamic State/ Obamastan’s atrocities were enabled by me and I am very, very sorry. 

Obama crying gun control

Barack Obama crying over his failed presidency.

I apologize to the American voters – both living and dead, legal and illegal – for betraying the trust of that wonderfully diverse group. I have set back race relations in this nation by several decades, especially by spitefully encouraging African-Americans to commit acts of violence against police officers. Even a former member of my own White House staff succumbed to my calls for violence and shot at a law enforcement officer.  

I apologize for destroying health insurance for so many working class families. My ego and my fundamental dishonesty drove me to the many lies I told about Obamacare. Please forgive me, though I do not deserve it. Continue reading