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AishaAisha Bokari Gombi of Nigeria joins the real-life League of Extraordinary Women. She is known and feared by the Muslim extremist group Boko Haram, against whom she has been spectacularly successful. (And as always, part of the grim appeal of female warriors who take on Jihadists is the fact that – in Islam’s misogynistic mythology – terrorists killed by women DO NOT get the 72 virgins promised in the afterlife.)

The link to the latest article about this 21st Century heroine is below, but first some excerpts:

“As seven abducted women and four children were being taken deeper into Sambisa forest, Aisha Bakari Gombi received a call. The voice was familiar: an army commander asking her to assemble a group of hunters to track them down.

The 11 had vanished earlier that day after a group of Boko Haram militants attacked their village, Daggu. Three local people were shot dead and cars, houses and food stores set ablaze.”

“Bakari Gombi grew up near the Sambisa forest, where the extremists still operate despite a military offensive last year that destroyed many of their major camps. She used to hunt antelopes, baboons and guinea fowl with her grandfather. Now she hunts Boko Haram.”

“Bakari Gombi is one of only a handful of women (Hamsat Hassan is another)  involved and she has become a heroine for hunters and local people alike. Her gallantry has won her the title “queen hunter.” Continue reading


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