love of rainLOVE OF RAIN (2022) – This excellent – and lightning-quick – collection of stories about life, love, and passion was written by Pritilata Nandi. She is from India, and has made these tales very accessible by avoiding complicated idiomatic expressions and by omitting from the stories all but the necessary elements of Indian history and culture.

In this 70-page volume, Pritilata has presented assorted love stories that range from romantic love onward, reminding me once again that a shortcoming of the English language is the way we have just the one general word “love” and need modifiers to capture exactly what kind of affection is meant.

To stay focused on Love of Rain, available for purchase HERE, Ms. Nandi’s stories are evocative and left even a fairly cynical man like me moved and – I’ll be honest – near tears at some of the endings. The emotional punch delivered in the narratives was potent enough that my method of reading this fascinating work was one part at a time, letting myself soak in each tale individually.

Letting each one float around in my mind before moving on to the next let me feel all of what Love of Rain has to offer, rather than figuratively chewing it up in one sitting. Pritilata presents readers with tragic love stories, happy love stories and love stories in which societal and cultural upheavals in India left lovers and would-be lovers in their wake.

I’m not used to romantic tales like this, so I can’t really put this work into full literary perspective, like I try to do with my examinations of ancient Greek comedies, historical fiction and nineteenth century works of sci-fi and horror. Love of Rain is the kind of writing that can break down cultural barriers and make the reader appreciate our shared humanity with the people of India.

Every nation in the world could benefit from having a work like this serving as an introduction for outsiders. 



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28 responses to “LOVE OF RAIN (2022) BY PRITILATA NANDI

  1. Nothing wrong with a love of rain (except here in CA where it just won’t stop). This book sounds lovely.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful review. ☺️☺️ This is my first book and I don’t know really what I deserve. But I can only be thankful to you. ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  3. KK

    Yes, she is a good writer.

  4. I told her I will leave a review upon completing her work. I’m about to set an alarm and make it a goal Monday to purchase it. Thanks for the reminder. She has awesome support here & it seems as though I’m missing out on a good read.

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