santa claus villageA few years back, when Balladeer’s Blog reviewed I Met Father Christmas, I went on a little tangent about one of the filming locations – Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland. Beginning in 1985 Rovaniemi’s Santa Claus Village was Finland’s new “official” designation of the site of Santa’s workshop and related items. 

scvPrior to 1985, Korvatunturi was considered Santa’s home, which is why I suspect that I Met Father Christmas may have been part of a 1984 publicity push regarding Finland’s upcoming “official” re-designation of Rovaniemi as the site of Santa’s workshop and village. Rovaniemi’s airport is just a mile away from Santa Claus Village.  

more at santa claus villageIn the years since then, Rovaniemi has become more and more entrenched as the home of Santa and his workshop. A Christmas special called Lapland Out was filmed there as part of Tots TV, as was the Bam Margera movie Where The #$&% Is Santa? Hell, even a Lordi heavy metal music video was filmed there for their song Hardrock Hallelujah. (That overhead line marks the actual Arctic Circle.) 

reindeer sleigh ridesSanta Claus Village seems like a fantastic spot for a family vacation if you don’t mind traveling, and if you don’t mind the frigid outside conditions. There are sleigh rides powered by reindeer (above right), snowmobile touring, dogsledding, a petting zoo, an Elf Academy and much more.   

arctic snow hotelThe Arctic Snow Hotel (entrance at left) boasts a restaurant and a bar with furnishings made of ice. There are all kinds of other accommodations at Santa Claus Village, of course, like single-family “igloos”, glass hotels, larger luxury hotels, the Three Elves restaurant and bar, etc. You’ve even got Santa’s Salmon Place, Santa’s Pizza & Burger, Restaurant Santamus and others

santas forestNeedless to say, Santa Claus Village also sports saunas, heated ponds, plus Arctic Reindeer Farm Merkku, you name it.

There’s also Santa’s Forest (above right) for excursions and plenty more.

santa claus gift shopIn addition to Santa Claus Gift House (at left), Santa Claus Village has international stores available for your shopping convenience.

Litalla & Company, Lappituote, Merimekko, Marttini, plus Pentik Arctic Circle are just some of the other options

For just a glimpse of what Santa Claus Village has to offer as a travel destination, see below and/or click HERE


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  1. Santa, Reindeer, igloos and history. Happy Holidays, Balladeer.

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