a platicar a su casaLET’S TALK AT HOME (2000s) – This cult program is often called “Mexico’s MST3K.” Its Spanish language title is A Platicar a su Casa, which has been translated into English as Let’s Talk at Home, Do Your Talking at Home and similar titles.

The premise of this Mexican Movie Host show borrows from Joel Hodgson’s 1988 creation Mystery Science Theater 3000, which took movie hosting to the logical next level by having the hosts make jokes about the bad film being shown even while it was playing, rather than limiting comments about the flick to before and after commercial breaks.

mexican movie hosts andres and trinoBalladeer’s Blog has written a great deal about earlier Movie Host shows, from 1950s efforts like Vampira, Mad Marvin and others on up through Moona Lisa and Ghoulardi in the 60s and 70s to 1980s programs like Elvira’s Movie Macabre, Texas 27 Film Vault, Laraine Newman’s Canned Film Festival, etc,

A Platicar a su Casa was shown on Mexico’s channel Ponchivision in the early 2000s. It’s been off the air for several years due to Ponchivision’s obscurity and budget issues, but the program has a devoted following to this very day with episodes popping up around the internet.

trino camachoandres bustamenteThe wisecracking hosts were Andres Bustamente and Trino Camacho, two legends in Mexican comedy. The jokes were what you would expect – shots at the poor quality and/or low budget of the films, their odd storylines plus some social and political commentary about life in Mexico.

Bustamente is known for trying to do just the right amount of politics and other issues without overdoing it. He has stated that the proverbial powers that be have robbed the people of so much, that we cannot let laughter be part of the stolen goods. Camacho is sometimes known for being edgier and also uses political cartooning as an outlet. 

The program presents Andres and Trino seen in silhouette sitting in theater seats while they riff on the episode’s movie. There are no real external comedy sketches. Going into commercial breaks a mock policeman comes along to shoo the two comedians out of the theater for loitering, but they always sneak back in when the show returns from the advertisements.

The process shots in the theater are sometimes very clumsy, with part of one host’s body cut almost in half if they stand up during their riffing session. The real charm, of course, is that So Bad They’re Good movies are universally funny.

Mixed in with vintage Mexican Wrestler heroics and monster movies were campy crime melodramas and the like.  

Among the movies ridiculed by Andres and Trino on A Platicar a su Casa:

SANTO Y BLUE DEMON EN LA ANTLANTIDE – Santo and Blue Demon in Atlantis (1970) – Everybody’s favorite masked wrestling rivals take on fugitive Nazi scientists in Atlantis.  

EL CHARRO DE LAS CALAVERAS – The Rider of the Skulls (1965) – A masked rider in a sombrero tussles with a werewolf, a vampire and a headless horseman. (Watching this episode of the show inspired me to buy a copy of this movie so I could review it this past Halloween season.)

EL AMOR DE MI BOHIO – The Love of My Hut (1947) – Song lyrics come to life as a pair of men outside pre-Castro Havana compete for the affections of a beautiful lady in increasingly violent ways.

NEUTRON, EL ENMASCARADO NEGRO – Neutron, the Man in The Black Mask (1960) – Masked wrestler Neutron clashes with mad scientists and their lackeys in pursuit of a dangerous secret formula.

HOMBRES SIN ALMA – Men Without Souls (1951) – Long suffering heroine Malena is liberated from prison by a master criminal, but gangsters won’t let them just live and let live.  

EL MISTERIO DE HURACAN RAMIREZ – The Mystery of Hurricane Ramirez (1962) – Masked wrestler Hurricane Ramirez and his family battle organized crime in their efforts to keep their family restaurant open.

LA ANTESALA DE LA SILLA ELECTRICA – Doorway to the Electric Chair (1968) – A cop tries to prove the innocence of one of the young men he arrested before the lad can be executed in the electric chair.  

EL VAMPIRO – The Vampire (1957) – Abel Salazar, the Brainiac himself, stars in this film about a young lady who shows up to make funeral arrangements for her aunt only to become the target of a vampire.

CONTRABANDISTAS DEL CARIBE – Smugglers of the Caribbean (1968) – Gangster Joe Lucania hijacks drug shipments intended for rival criminals but falls in love with a woman tied to those rivals.

CHE O.V.N.I. – HEY, U.F.O. (1968) – Intergalactic beauties in a flying saucer arrive in Argentina, where they all fall in love with a dashing tango singer. A TAYN-GO SIIIIINGER! (Evita fans will get it.) This is one of the few non-Mexican films that I’ve seen Andres and Trino riff on.

GANGSTERS CONTRA CHARROS – Gangsters vs Cowboys (1948) – A gang war breaks out among gangsters, wrestlers and modern-day cowboys. I hate when that happens.  

LA VENGANZA DE HURACAN RAMIREZ – The Vengeance of Hurricane Ramirez (1969) – It’s 3-D masked wrestling action as Hurricane Ramirez, in a tag team with his wrestling father – battles a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-style mad scientist and his two mutated wrestling lackeys – one of whom creates fireballs in his hands. Lizards and guitar handles poke out at the audience!   

GANGSTERISMO EN DEPORTE – Gangsterism in Sports (1956) – An ex-con moves to take over the fixing of boxing matches while getting revenge on his treacherous former partners and girlfriend. 

LA MANO QUE APRIETA – The Clutching Hand (1966) – Angel and Satan, two masked wrestlers, go up against a gang led by an evil genius who can turn himself invisible.

PASIONES INFERNALES – Infernal Passions (1966) – In an island nation, pearl-diving men have so much prestige that they actually attract groupies, but one strong-willed woman excites a rivalry between a wealthy father and his son.  

BLUE DEMON: DESTRUCTOR DE ESPIAS – Blue Demon: Destroyer of Spies (1968) – A sinister international organization steals a government-created poison bomb that could wipe out millions. It’s up to masked wrestler Blue Demon to stop them! 

EL TREN DE LA MORT – The Train of Death (1979) – A Mexican gunslinger arrives in the Valley of Paradise by train. With guns blazing, he settles scores with a bunch of old enemies while wooing a beautiful lady. 

EL SANTO Y BLUE DEMON CONTRA LOS MONSTRUOS – Santo and Blue Demon vs the Monsters (1970) – Those two wrestlin’ rivals team up once again, this time against a mad scientist named Dr. Halder, who has unleashed monsters including a mummy, a vampire witch, a cyclops, a wolfman, a regular vampire and the “Franquestein” Monster. 

LA MOTOCICLETA SATANICA – The Satanic Motorcycle (1990) – The original English title of this British horror film was I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle. When a U.K. biker gang kills an occultist, they transfer their spirit into a nearby motorcycle. When that bike is purchased later, the bloodthirsty spirit takes control of the vehicle and goes on a rampage. 

LUMEN – Lumen (????) – I cannot find a complete copy of this episode anywhere on line, just a few minute excerpt. Any help would be appreciated.  



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