Eric JulyEric July aka YoungRippa59 has launched what he’s calling the Rippaverse. July has been touting this independent publishing project for quite some time and, after investing $200,000 of his own money and, having now raised well over 2.25 million dollars more, went live with his website on July 12th. UPDATE: He is now over 3.7 million dollars. People know a good thing when they see it.

Unlike similar independent comic book projects that usually involve a long wait after an order is placed, Eric July has promised that buyers will begin receiving their books IN AUGUST! July is one of the courageous visionaries like Ethan Van Sciver and Jon Malin who operate outside the stifling corporate environment of the Big Two comic book publishers.

Isom 1Rippa’s first superhero is called Isom and his 96-page debut book is lengthy enough to deserve the term Graphic Novel. And this is just the start of a brand-new superhero universe that Eric vows will compete with Marvel and DC eventually.

Get in on the ground floor by placing your orders today for Isom #1 plus any extra merchandise that strikes your eye. And best of all – the Rippaverse is HIRING!

Check it all out HERE. And for Eric July’s trailer for Isom and the Rippaverse see below.Β 



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