Ghostwatch 1992GHOSTWATCH (1992) – This was a British made for t.v. movie that aired on Halloween Night in 1992. Ghostwatch is a nice – albeit boring – little novelty item for the way it anticipated the paranormal “reality” (LMAO) shows of today.

masc graveyard smallerThe telefilm also can’t help but put viewers in mind of the Paranormal Activity series and countless other Found Footage horror movies. Ghostwatch involves much older technology of course but for once, since the make-believe t.v. crew is filming their investigation of a haunted house, it MAKES SENSE for people to be filming everything.  

The casting for this production was well-done in that it contains virtually NO recognizable faces. Usually when watching BBC items from back then viewers can’t help but play Spot the Doctor Who/ Sherlock Holmes/ British Murder Mysteries Actor.

Ghostwatch 1992 2

Not Paranormal Activity, but an equally boring forerunner!

At any rate, you know the drill: The moderators and crew of this mock docu-drama listen to creepy anecdotes from the family that lives in the haunted house, eventually some minor but troubling incidents make the television folks wonder if there might actually be something to the haunting.

People around England begin calling the television studio hosts to report poltergeist activities starting in their own homes the minute they tuned into the show. I won’t spoil the ending but modern viewers who are familiar with the artfully anti-climactic (that’s NOT a compliment) conclusions to Found Footage features have a good idea what to expect.    

And this little honey will forever redefine “Glory Holes” for you! Apparently the British mean something else entirely when they use that term so watch out for when Mom refers to her husband having “drilled glory holes into the girls’ bedroom.” YIKES! 

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4 responses to “GHOST WATCH (1992)

  1. Well, I was intrigued as soon as I saw Michael Parkinson in the photo. I have never seen this, so with Parky in it, I couldn’t imagine him doing anything dodgy. The reviews seem very favourable. Parky is the best talk show host I have ever seen. So, I might check out Ghostwatch one day!

  2. Rackem

    This was made too long ago.

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