Jussie Smollett fake news hatIf you missed it, Jussie Smollett was found guilty in his trial over the consequences of his hate hoax from a few years back when he and some accomplices faked an attack by alleged “Trump supporters in MAGA hats” in the latest in a long line of such Hate Crime Hoaxes in America. For a list of over 170 more such hoaxes click HERE. For a more comprehensive list of 449 (as of this writing) hate hoaxes click HERE.

The doltish Smollett even did a rehearsal of the fake crime, a rehearsal that was captured on film. The black men he hired to pretend to be his white attackers testified against him, too. All of this would be laughable if not for the toxic effect such race-baiting hoaxes continue to have in this country.

Smollett and other such perpetrators fuel hatred and division while stigmatizing untold millions of innocent people. This felon and his false narrative should never be forgotten nor forgiven. The public figures who exploited Smollett’s lies to condemn Trump supporters and/ or white people in general have slunk away and are silent now that the truth has come out. 

jussie smollett fake news



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  1. I had two (cowboy) hats. My dress (black) hat (Stetson) gets little wear and will last another fifty years at least unless my elder son determines he likes it and uses it before I pass. My (white, straw) work hat (Resistol) was well-worn and needed replacing. I sauntered (sashayed?) into the boots and bonnets place and asked to see some white hats. The looks I got! I mean I own one of each, an equal opportunity haberdashery customer I am. It’s not a statement of ethnic preference, me being eastern European and all, so unh, I’m shamed for requesting a white hat? It’s the heat man, and the cooling capacity of white straw. It’s air-conditioned in Church. It’s not on horseback.

    So I got me a grey one. I don’t hold much hope for it being serviceable very long. Personally think this stigma is getting in the way of getting my work done.

    Like I watch the news. So what hats is the good guys and what hats is the bad?

  2. Awesome news! I read about it yesterday and can’t wait until they sentence him. What he did was wrong and there needs to be serious consequences.

  3. tom

    It would be so sad if he had not taken down some gullabler people who believed

  4. What he did is wrong of any person to do. Why insert lies, drama, racist accusations and negativity into the world where there wasn’t any? We all already hear enough of that sh** (and much of it made up or hyped up) by that relentless media pounding the masses upside the head with what their puppeteers want us to believe.

  5. Seems CNN and MSNBC still affirm his alleged victimization and call the verdict another example of white supremacy and a corrupt justice system. People believe what they want to believe even in the face of facts to the contrary.

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    Where is the leftist media – hiding like cowards at the OK CORRAL.


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