biden stinksCrooked Joe Biden, accused rapist, career criminal and corrupt politician in the pocket of China, was still at just 36% approval in the latest polling. It’s no wonder given Biden’s war on the working class and the poor plus the non-stop failures of his regime.

biden and hunter drugs…ย 


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  1. Hang it up Crazy Joe; as in Fuggedaboutit you’re ancient history and finito! Now Beat It you BUM!!

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    Hang it up Crazy Joe; as in Fuggedaboutit you’re ancient history and finito! Now Beat It you BUM!!

  3. Gotta love all the cartoon says. Gotta hate that any of it has to be said.

  4. We don’t see the polls on the unelected Draghi, but they’ll be here for Christmas ๐Ÿค”.

      • Polls? They are of no use to the unelected. They are no longer needed in the situation we’re in. Maybe for Christmas, to make us digest the Nazi-driven Super Green Pass, one will come out with the Bulgarian majorities of the good old days.

      • Sadly, you are correct.

      • Mh… ๐Ÿคจ It is planned to use the army to swab children (schoolchildren of all ages actually) who are positive or suspected of having had contact with a sick person… at home soldiers. To get used to the idea of soldiers in the home.

      • Yes, there is a governor of the region of Apulia who has said publicly that once in the classroom the children will all be taken to the vaccination hubs to be vaccinated en masse. I would like to remind you that the vaccine is not compulsory, but in fact those who have not been vaccinated since Monday will not be able to use public transport, go to bars, restaurants and so on.

      • is today’s Italy, or rather since Monday’s

      • And the same fate probably lies ahead for a lot of other countries.

      • banning of processions in the cities to protest against the green pass; suppression of all opposing voices on national television and radio, even in newspapers; searches by political police in the homes of organisers of (peaceful) demonstrations; home confinement planned for Christmas (if you go into the red zone and we are already in the yellow zone in several regions) blaming those who do not vaccinate; indications from members of the government not to invite the unvaccinated home for the holidays; demonisation of children as infected (that is why they must be vaccinated, so as not to make the elderly sick); end of the legal period of the emergency on 31 January, but extension of the emergency measures at least until September (only rumours for now, but every rumour has become reality). … but the emergency no longer exists!

        of course, the ‘italy model’ is also liked abroad, we are the laboratory, here it is thought, with good reason, that the population will not react violently, it tends to be peaceful.

      • Pretty frightening implications.

      • it’s unbelievable, putting the sequence here in the comments I realised that everything I’ve written I never thought I’d write in my entire existence. Here, in black and white, they taste terrible.
        We Italians have a few faults: 1) waiting for a strong man to solve everything; 2) waiting for someone to come and save us from the strong man; 3) loving the quiet life too much.
        Testing ‘obedience for the sake of a quiet life’ is a temptation I understand on the part of those who want to subjugate peoples, what I do not understand is the unconditional surrender of a people. It’s not over yet, it’s only just beginning, but mala tempora currunt.

      • Very distressing. And I think you’re right that the worst is yet to come.

      • The first reaction is one of amazement: it’s not possible. Then you make peace with the fact that dystopian novels were nothing more than foreshadowing. Then, in the absence of a conscious majority, you resort to history. Let’s see.

  5. Your work is very good, and greatly needed.

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    Biden is Obama’s front man as they planned it with the parallel government with the 2020 Hammer Score Board cheating. Are the American people okay with this? How do you catch the snake – pin the snake down. Do this by placing a forked stick directly behind its head and applying pressure.


  7. Darth Scipio


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