JetsonsA JETSON CHRISTMAS CAROL (1985) – Christmas Carol-A- Thon 2021, my 12th annual Christmas Carol-A-Thon, continues here at Balladeer’s Blog! This 1985 animated version of the Dickens classic incorporates the characters from the Hanna Barbera program The Jetsons. They were a family who were the far-future counterparts of the Stone Age family The Flintstones. 

A Jetson Christmas Carol is not very good but it’s a lot better than the irritatingly awful Flintstones Christmas Carol. If you know the characters you can fill in the blanks yourself:

George Jetson is the substitute for the novel’s put-upon Bob Cratchit, and finds himself ordered to work very late on Christmas Eve, disappointing his wife Jane and their kids Elroy and Judy. 

George’s boss Mr Spacely nastily enjoys treating his employees terribly while holing up in his office and wallowing in all his money. Needless to say Spacely is the stand-in for Ebenezer Scrooge 

Astro, the Jetsons’ dog, is the unlikely replacement for Tiny Tim. The dog swallows one of the sprockets from his Yuletide gift of a robotic cat to chase around. Accidentally swallowing that Spacely brand sprocket endangers the canine’s life. 

From there it’s fairly standard: Miserly Mr Spacely gets visited by the ghost of his late partner Marsley (sic) who warns him to mend his ways. Then come the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come.

These spirits are the lamest part of this whole lackluster production. Christmas Past is a large computer, Christmas Present is an actual talking gift box (Christmas Present – get it) and Christmas Yet to Come looks like a giant version of the futuristic phones used on the Patrick McGoohan series The Prisoner.   

Our miserly businessman is shown visions of his past in which he slave-drives a very young George Jetson at his Lemonade Stand and years later tells his wife he loves money more than he loves her.

For the Christmas Present portion of the tale Spacely is shown the plight of the Jetsons’ dog Astro, who is as sure to die as Tiny Tim. The Christmas Yet to Come segment is stripped of all emotion by showing that Spacely was financially ruined when the Jetsons sued him because of the way one of his company’s sprockets caused Astro’s death. 

Naturally the visits from the spirits prompt Spacely to change his ways. The next morning he has a private veterinarian cure Astro, gives George a raise and hands out gifts to the entire Jetson family. 

This is such a “meh” version of the Carol that for me it works best very early on in the Holiday season, like maybe one of the first Carols watched on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Not even the voice talents of Mel Blanc, Phil Hartman, Daws Butler, Ruth Buzzi, Foster Brooks, Didi Conn and Rene Auberjonois can elevate this bland little thing.  

FOR MORE VERSIONS OF A CHRISTMAS CAROL CLICK HERE:  https://glitternight.com/category/a-christmas-carol-2/

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40 responses to “A JETSON CHRISTMAS CAROL (1985)

  1. Hmm, you’re not selling this one to me, so, I might pass on it this year! 😉

  2. Beats hell out of some of the “new” stuff. Nice post – as is your usual. Thanks.

  3. I loved the program, “The Jetsons;” I can still remember the theme song. Please keep up your encouraging work.

  4. Hanna Barbera made some awesome cartoon shows and Jetson’s was always cool! Meet George Jetson! I like all that stuff, Yogi bear and all of them!

  5. You got me curious so went looking and this was so easy to find the very clip of the show intro hat was flying around in my memory!

  6. Garrett Kieran

    How coincidental that you should rate this one right while I’m playing it on HBO Max.

  7. Garrett Kieran

    If you don’t mind my pointing out, that list of voice performers you gave. Well, I think that was probably a general cast list of those who’ve periodically lent their voices to the whole series. Because according to every list I’ve seen, the only ones you’ve mentioned who were actually in this particular episode are Blanc and Butler.

  8. Darth Scipio


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